Parts Hunter™ Requests

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Parts Hunter™ Requests
Make an Offer to supply a part to these Buyers.

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  • Q: How long will my Request stay active?

    A: Requests stay active (or open) for a minimum of 8 days from the date posted. When there is a bid or an email from any Seller, your Request automatically is extended for 8 more days from that date - a Request with a lot of activity could stay open for 2-3 weeks or more. When you click 'Buy this Part - Rate this Seller' your Request is closed. If there is no activity for 8 consecutive days on an open Request, the Request is closed.

  • Q: How does the vendor get paid?

    A: The vendor pays DOTmed directly 5% of his quoted price only after you have selected them. It's important to complete the transaction and pay the seller quickly to receive your part.

  • Q: If I click on 'Buy This Part' am I obligated to buy the part?

    A: This starts the transaction, but you can opt to 'Choose Another Seller,' which will stop the transaction.

  • Q: When should I rate the Seller?

    A: You should only rate the Seller after paying for and receiving the part. DOTmed will send a reminder email 7 days after introducing you to the seller.

  • Q: Can the Seller rate me?

    A: Yes. And you should ask to be rated; it helps identify you as a serious Buyer.

  • Q: If a Seller asks me to 'Make an Offer' for the price I'm willing to pay, do all Sellers see it, or just the Seller who asked?

    A: The Seller who asked is notified by email of your Offer, and all Sellers can see it, as it is posted at the top of your Request. IMPORTANT: If you get asked by a Seller to 'Make an Offer,' USE THE LINK in the email to submit your price, DO NOT REPLY to the email with your price, as that will not make your price visible.

  • Q: I tried to send a message to a Seller, why was my message rejected?

    A: Your message violated the message rules and was deleted.

  • Q: Why have I received no Offers on my Parts Request?

    A: Many Sellers who supply various parts for systems - such as CT Scanners - may not have the specific part you need right now.