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On Sunday March 29th, Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, predicted that the virus would surge throughout the United States. As the infection rate subsides in certain regions, healthcare providers can use this portal to move equipment and supplies to their peers in areas where infection rates are rising.

DOTmed will share your requests with our largest-in-the-world online community of "Gold-Service" medical equipment dealers, as well as hospitals nationwide.

Posting on this portal is free during the COVID-19 crisis and our customer service support is also free.

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Most Recent COVID-19 Results

Category: CT - CT Scanner

Equipment Manufacturer: TOSHIBA

Equipment Model: Aquilion 16

Part Number: PX79-46113 gr1

Sellers Queried: 50

Offers (So Far): 0

Pending: 50