Laser Surplus Hospital Equipment Auctions

Over 3500 Total Lots Up For Auction at Seven Locations - France 06/21, PA 06/22, OK 06/23, UT 06/24, CA 06/25, NJ Cleansweep 06/29, MN 06/30

Surplus Auctions: Laser

DOTmed is helping major hospitals sell this medical equipment, and you can save time and money by buying multiple pieces of equipment from one place by bidding on the auctions below. However, this is just a small sample of all the used hospital equipment available on DOTmed. You can see all of our auctions here or by searching in the text box above and clicking 'Search'

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AGFA Drystar 5500 Laser Printer

No powers up, Computer on Agfa station is missing

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RHYTEC INC Portrait PSR 3 Laser - Plasma

1x Rhytec Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Resurfacing System
MN#: 745005
S/N: 0821850
Est Dimensions: 26x18x
Powers On: Yes
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ESC SHARPLAN Vasculight HR Laser - Pulsed Dye

1x ESC Sharplan Vasculight HR Dermatology Laser Pulsed Dye
MN#: SA2402000
S/N: 002-01563
DOM: 06/2000
Est Dimensions: 36x24x59
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PALOMAR Spectrum RD1200 Laser - Ruby

1x Palomar Spectrum RD1200 Q-Switched Ruby Laser w/ Accessories and Footswitch
Est Dimensions: 43x23x92- Rolling
Powers On: Could Not Test
Power Cord Included: Yes
Used Cosmetic Condition: Good
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ESC MEDICAL SYSTEMS Derma K Laser - Erbium

1x ESC Medical Systems Derma K Laser
MN#: SA7001004
S/N: 003-01397
DOM: 06-2000
Est Dimensions: 31x16x48
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LUMENIS VersaPulse PowerSuite Laser - Holmium

1x Lumenis VersaPulse PowerSuite Holmium Laser 100W w/ Footswitch
REF#: P.S. DON-100 100W
S/N: 568
DOM: 10/2012
Est Dimensions: 36x20x49
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LEXMARK MS310d Laser Printer

LEXMARK MS310d Laser Printer

1x Lexmark MS301d Laser Printer
S/N: Type: 4514-220
Est Dimensions: 15x16x12
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LEXMARK 4514-330 Laser Printer

LEXMARK 4514-330 Laser Printer

1x Lexmark 4514-330 Laser Printer
S/N: CCAI13LP0150T2
Est Dimensions: 15x16x11
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QUANTA YouLaser CO2 Fractional Laser - Co2

Quanta YouLaser CO2
includes fractional scanner handpiece
200, 400, 1000 uM surgical handpieces
power cord, foot pedal, user manuals
protective eyewear for patient and operator
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