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WebStore for Medilab Global Corp.

Medilab Global Corp.

Rodrigo Henao, President
DOTmed user since May 2007

12901 SW 122 AVE
UNIT 102
miami, FL 33186 USA
Phone: +1 (305) 234-0084
Rodrigo Henao, President
Phone:+1 (305) 234-0084

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HOLOGIC M-IV Mammo Unit For Sale

2008 HOLOGIC/LORAD M-IV Mammography Unit 24x30 Bucky, Spot paddle, Magnification Kit, Paddle Automatic Compression, Glass Shield, MAS Read out Time Read Out, Photo timed, Patient. ID Flasher. ... view more

July 04  

GE Lightspeed Ultra 8 CT Scanner For Sale

GE LightSpeed Ultra 8 Slice CT Scanner DOM: 2002 Performix Tube last replaced November 2007 Tube has. 46119286 mAs Octane Console Software Licenses Included: Smart Prep, Helical Tilt, Thin... view more

July 04  

HOLOGIC Discovery Sl Bone Densitometer For Sale

2010 Hologic Discovery SL Bone Densitometer DOM: 2010. 8 foot Table Windows 7, Spacers, Phantoms, Manual Professionally De installed. Located in our Miami warehouse... view more

July 04  

MORGAN EIM C-Arm Table For Sale

Morgan EIM C-ARM imaging table DOM: 2002 with 2 movements Table up Table down Head up Head down Being sold in fully working... view more

July 04  

SIEMENS Arcadis Orbic C-Arm For Sale

Siemens Arcadis Orbic DOM: 2007 Dual 1K x 1K Flat Panel Monitors, 2.3 kW Generator, Tri-Mode 4.5"/6"/9" Image Intensifier, 10,000 Image Storage, LIH-Last Image Hold, VAP-Virtual Patient Anatomy,... view more

July 04  

DEVICOR Vacuum Equipment For Sale

mammotome st stereotactic probe there are 7 individual never open probes. have 1 manual for more pictures or information please contact us buy all 7 together and get a better price... view more

July 04

Asking Price:
$150 USD


EIZO GX540 (5MP) Digital Imaging System For Sale

Eizo GX540 (5MP) display monitor screen Model Variations GX540-CL: Clear Base GX540-CL-P: Pairing Cabinet Color Black Panel Type Monochrome (IPS) Backlight LED Size 54 cm / 21.3" Native... view more

July 04

Asking Price:
$4,000 USD


SCHAERER 7300 O/R Table For Sale

The schaerer 7300 base table can be easily converted to various specialties by simply adding accessory packages. Perfect for Urology, Orthopedics, ENT, Spine, Vascular Surgery, and Pain Management. ... view more

July 04  

OEC 9800 12"II NeuroVas 30 FPS C-Arm For Sale

OEC 9800 12" II Neuro Vascular with 30 FPS C-ARM (Freshly Painted) Release 30 DOM: 1999. Dual High Resolution 1k x 1k, 16" (41 cm) Square Monitors, Touchscreen System Control , Tri-Mode 12/9/6... view more

July 04  

GE Brightspeed 16 CT Scanner For Sale

2006 GE Brightspeed 16 CT April 2018 GE MX 200 6.3 Mhu Tube Extreme Console / Flat Panels / Keyboard 5 patients a day with low usage 11,000,000 MAS (28,000 scan seconds) Patient Table -... view more

July 04  

SIEMENS Siremobile 2000 C-Arm For Sale

Siemens Siremobil 2000 C-ARM (Freshly Painted) Digital, Dual Simommed Monitors ,Dual Image Intensifier 7”9”, Fluoro Boost, Surgical Package , Memoskop 100 Image Storage , LIH-Last Image Hold , Edge... view more

July 04  


2006 Siemens Siremobil Compact L C-ARM- with Flat Screen monitors DOM:2006, Digital , Dual 9”/6” Image Intensifier, Memoskop 200 Digital Image Storage, LIH-Last Image Hold , Digital Image Rotation,... view more

July 04  

LORAD M-IV Mammo Unit For Sale

LORAD M-IV Mammography Unit with 2007 X-RAY Tube DOM: 1997. 24x30 Bucky, Dual . Spot paddle, Magnification Kit, Paddle Automatic Compression, 2007 VARIAN x-ray tube, Glass Shield, MAS Read out... view more

July 04  

LORAD M-IV Mammo Unit For Sale

LORAD M-IV Mammography Unit DOM: 2003. 18x24 HTC Bucky, Dual . Spot paddle, Magnification Kit, Paddle Automatic Compression, Lead Glass Shield, MAS Read out Time Read Out, Photo timed, Patient. ID... view more

July 04  

OAKWORKS 2011 Fixed C-Arm Table For Sale

2011 Oarkworks C-ARM Table Located in our Miami... view more

July 04