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Enhanced Medical Services (EMS)

Comprehensive Equipment Solutions

Carl Tela, Consultant
DOTmed user since October 2006

769A Wesley Ave
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 USA
Phone: +1 (888) 781-4458 x517
Carl Tela, Consultant
Phone:+1 (888) 781-4458 x517
Alan Genovese, Manager
Phone:+1 (888) 781-4458 x517

HUMPHREY CT 995 Topographer For Sale

HUMPHREY ATLAS 995 The Humphrey ATLAS CT System combines sophisticated analysis and advanced imaging in a very intuitive and user-friendly platform. The Atlas is ideal for primary care, the... view more

April 01  

REICHERT RK 600 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

The Reichert RK600 Auto-Refractor/Keratometer has a number of selectable automatic and manual measurement modes to suit user preference: The instrument has an auto start function which measures... view more

April 01  

ZEISS IOL Master 500 Unit For Sale

The ZEISS IOL Master 500 is the gold standard in optical biometry with more than 100 million successful IOL power calculations to date. With the new version of the ZEISS IOL Master 500, you get a... view more

April 01  

KONAN CellChek XL Specular Microscope For Sale

CellChek provides a detailed analysis of contact lensrelated endotheliopathies caused by poor hygiene, low oxygen transmission or incorrectly fitted lenses. CellChek imaging also supports... view more

April 01  

S4OPTIK 2000 Combo Ophthalmology Chair and Stand For Sale

S4OPTIK’s 2000 COMBO Chair and Stand Unit features a cradle track system and a pneumatically assted pivot tilting mechanism up to a 40-degree recline. The unit offers functionality and space... view more

April 01  

S4OPTIK Righton Retinomax K-Plus 3 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

Righton Retinomax Series 3 + Keratometry The Retinomax Series 3, the World’s Leading Handheld Refractor and Keratometer The Retinomax 3 Series boasts all the same benefits as the 2 Series, plus an... view more

April 01  

OPTOS Daytona Fundus Camera For Sale

The Daytona is the ultimate high-resolution imaging technology on the market and can capture a 200-degree view (82%) of the retina in a single, optomap image an in less than half a second. Featuring... view more

April 01  

SANTINELLI LE 9000SX Patternless Edger For Sale

Santinelli LE 9000SX The LE 9000SX features 3D tracing and edging on all materials. Precise bevel control, Polishing function Integrated tracer, groover, and safety bevel Blocker. Systems included... view more

April 01  

HAAG-STREIT LS 900 Gen 1 A-Scan For Sale

Lenstar provides highly accurate laser optic measurements for every section of the eye −from the cornea to the retina− and is the first optical biometer on the market that can measure the thickness... view more

April 01

Asking Price:
$17,995 USD


NIDEK ARK-700A Autorefractor For Sale

Nidek ARK-700A The Nidek ARK 700A A combination Refractor/Keratometer. The operator can choose to read both the objective refraction and K readings at the same time or one at a time. The unit... view more

April 01  

HUMPHREY INSTRUMENTS Zeiss FDT Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

Humphrey Zeiss FDT (710) The Humphrey® FDT 710 Visual Field Instrument with patented Welch-Allyn frequency doubling technology provides the eye care professional with a rapid, clinically verified... view more

April 01  

HUMPHREY Zeiss 750 Visual Field Perimeter Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

“Exclusive Zeiss Factory Authorized” Humphrey Zeiss 750 Vision Systems has the largest stock of preowned, reconditioned, and certified Visual Field Analyzers in the world at the lowest prices... view more

April 01  

HUMPHREY INSTRUMENTS Zeiss 720 Visual Field Analyzer For Sale

Humphrey Zeiss 720 The Humphrey 720 Perimeter/Field Analyzer II utilizes a computerized silent projection system to examine the patients visual field. Testing is performed with eleven test... view more

April 01  

TOPCON CT-80 Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Topcon CT-80 The instrument has been redesigned to make intraocular pressure readings easier and more comfortable than ever before. With the aid of a new alignment bar and an improved air... view more

April 01