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Master Medical Equipment

Master Medical, for all your Equipment Needs!

2345 F E Wright Dr
Grant Cooper, Sales
Phone:+1 (731) 240-1163
Mark Taylor, Owner, President
Phone:+1 (866) 468-9558
Justin Smith, VP of Sales
Phone:+1 (866) 468-9558
Jill Taylor, Marketing
Phone:+1 (731) 783-1907 x731

WELCH ALLYN Connex Spot Monitor Monitor For Sale

Welch Allyn Connex Wall Boards/Vitals Monitor PN WA85MTVXP-B (new in box) Welch Allyn Connex Integrated Wall System with Masimo SpO2, SureTemp Plus Thermometry, BP Cuff and Cord Management System,... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$7,400 USD


COVIDIEN COV10005941-R Oximeter - Pulse For Sale

Recertified Covidien 10005941 bedside monitor with recertified with finger sensor Patient Ready and in Great Condition 30 day money back guarantee with 90 day warranty Description The... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$950 USD


ZOLL E SERIES Value Package-12 L, Pace, SPO2, ETCO2, Advisory, Certified, Warnty Defibrillator For Sale

Zoll E Series Value Package-12 L, Pacing, SPO2, ETCO2, Advisory, biomed certification, warranty Please read description carefully- line items listed below are what will be shipped. Includes: ... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$1,095 USD


AED Cardiac Science PowerHeart G5 Defibrillator Defibrillator For Sale

Cardiac Science G5 Biphasic AED ** NEW IN BOX WITH New Battery, New Pads, and Carrying Case, and warranty*** This G5 AED is simple to use for untrained bystanders as voice prompts will guide the... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$750 USD


MASIMO Radical7 Oximeter - Pulse For Sale

This is a lightly used RAD 7 with docking station. Great condition! Please feel free to contact for any other questions. 1 year warranty with extended warranty options available Root monitors... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$1,000 USD


NELLCOR OxiMax N-65 Oximeter - Pulse For Sale

These Nellcor N 65 Pulse Ox units are in great shape, tested, includes Adult DS 100 A Sensor. IN Stock!! Nellcor™s latest signal processing technology in a small, lightweight handheld device.... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$175 USD


NELLCOR PM1000N Bedside Monitor For Sale

Nellcor PM1000N (Includes Nellcor Preamp & Adult DS 100A Sensor) Excellent condition. 30 day money back guarantee The Covidien Nellcor™ bedside respiratory patient monitoring system, PM1000N... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$695 USD


AED Zoll Pro Defibrillator For Sale

A Flexible AED for Every Rescuer The AED Pro® provides the support used by rescuers to nearly triple survival.1 It provides the feedback both professionals and lay rescuers need to perform optimal... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$895 USD


MINDRAY DATASCOPE Passport V Bedside Monitor Monitor For Sale

Mindray Datascope Passport V - Patient Ready - Biomed Certification - 90 Day warranty (longer warranty options available) Passport V monitor includes: 3/5 lead ECG NiBP SpO2 Printer ... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$1,695 USD


MINDRAY Datascope Passport V w/ Gas Module 3 Co2 Monitor For Sale

Mindray Datascope Passport V w/ Mindray Gas Module 3 - Patient Ready Mindray’s Datascope Passport V is built on a solid foundation of experience and knowledge. It follows a proven approach to... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$3,795 USD


ZOLL AUTOPULSE Manual Resuscitator For Sale

ZOLL AUTOPULSE with cart - Recertified Includes: – Lithium battery – Lithium charger – (1) Lifeband – Cart / Trolley – 12 month warranty NON Invasive cardiac support pump Designed for... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$3,550 USD


Technimount Ambulance Cot For Sale

This product is Engineered for Safety, Designed for Flexibility, and Made for Medical Environments. There are many different configurations available. *********Email for Quote********** These... view more

August 03  

MINDRAY Passport 8 with ECG, BP, SpO2, Printer Monitor For Sale

Passport 8, Masimo SpO2, 3-5 Lead ECG, NiBP, Respiration and Temp Accessories include one adult cuff, 3.5 m NIBP hose, one line cord, one roll of paper, ECG mobility cable, 5-lead... view more

August 03  

PHYSIO-CONTROL JOLIFE LUCAS 3 Version 3.1 Chest Compression System Pump Vascular Compression For Sale

LUCAS® 3 Chest Compression System by Physio-Control LUCAS chest compression systems have been assisting lifesaving efforts around the world, delivering high-quality, guidelines-consistent... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$12,550 USD


NDD MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES EasyOne Air Spirometer Spirometer For Sale

Demo Ndd EasyOne Air is the new, all-in-one revolution in lung function testing. Built for healthcare providers large and small, EasyOne Air puts the power of the most advanced spirometry testing... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$1,895 USD