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Lukas Prais, CEO
DOTmed user since November 2014

Gorowska 32
Leszno, Wielkopolska 64-100 Poland
Phone: +48 665345001
Lukas Prais, CEO
Phone:+48 665345001

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About Us

Welcome in PRAISTON Company


The company has been on the market for 30 years. During this period we have gained tremendous experience through which we offer you service on the highest level.

We specialize in the distribution of fully refurbished and ready to use medical equipment (used-covered by guarantee), so that you can completely equip every medical facility,

Our company offer includes: operating room equipment, diagnostic equipment, medical furniture, and small appliances and equipment.

Moreover, we are the exclusive distributor in Poland of brand new medical equipment companies such as:

  • Euromi (Belgium) Infrasonic Liposuction Systems called N.I.L. (Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction) EVAsp, Automatic Mesotherapy Guns called Dermatic, and other equipment for plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine
  • EMALED (Germany) Operations and Examinations lights in LED technology
  • Üzümcü (Turkey) Equipment for operating room: Operating tables and Accessories, Operating lights, Stainless steel furniture, Gynecological and Urological chairs, Cryo units, Medical Gas Solutions (Uztech): Patient Bad Head Units, Pendants and other
  • NITROCARE (Turkey) Hospital beds, Patients transport beds , Intensive care unit (ICU), Medical Chairs, Medical furniture. The company is also specializes in turn key projects


We attach great importance to the selection of partners, because we are the distributor of the best and well known medical brand in the world. That’s why equipment coming from our company is characterized by high quality and reliability.

Throughout the period of our activity, we tried to maximize the needs of our customers. Resulting of our work has been noticed and appreciated. Systematically increase the number of our satisfied customers and now we are the leaders on the Polish market of companies dealing in medical equipment and apparatus.

Our customers are hospitals, private clinics, small offices and also distributors.


Moreover, we provide additional services: professional consulting, technical support and service, training, discounts for regular customers, a wide range of funding opportunities and assistance in choosing the best solution of your investment because we work with reputable financial institutions.


Our offer is constantly expanding, if you do not find the equipment that you interested, please contact us, as it can be in transit or during the review of the service department.


We also execution of individual orders for all kinds of specialized medical equipment such as: MRI (Magnetic Resonances), CT (computer tomography), X-ray equipment, High-end ultrasound (ultrasound), which is currently not in our offer. This is done through an extensive network of suppliers from the EU.


For every unit purchased from us (used-Reconditioned) offer 30 days warranty. Never leave the customer out of warranty and post-warranty service we provide.


We are always ready and glad that we can help you with service of your equipment.


The customer can always count on expert advice and professional assistance of our specialists - even the equipment wasn't bought form our company.

Equipment Categories


Anesthesia Machine
Anesthesia Monitor
Electrosurgical Unit
Exam Table
O/R Chair
O/R Light
O/R Microscope
O/R Table
Oven - Lab
Visual Field Analyzer


Education, Training
Export Packing, Crating
Ocean & Air Freight
Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt
Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer
Repair, Maintenance, Service
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