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Richard M. Szkocny, Medical Equipment
DOTmed user since November 2008

Rzemieślnicza 54
Przezmierowo, Wielkopolskie 62-081 Poland
Phone: +48 601333666
Richard M. Szkocny, Medical Equipment
Phone:+48 601333666

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About Us

Dear Clients


Welcome to the ASAMED Ltd.

In 1993, the company inaugurated its activity with gathering of employees with years of experience in sales, consulting, and maintenance of laboratory equipment, reagents and accessories for in-vitro diagnostics.

In our offer there is a new and refurbishing medical equipment. We offer a modern laboratory equipment: analyzers, pH and conductivity meters. We supply a broad range of reagents for analyzers, operating on the Polish market, in particular for hematology analyzers all reputable manufacturers.

We are an authorized distributor of following companies:

  • Abbott Laboratories Poland Ltd.
  • THERMO SCIENTIFIC, Thermo Orion, USA (measuring-control equipment)
  • ERMA Inc., Japan (Analyzers)
  • Diagon, Hungary (hematology reagents)

Currently, we expanded our range of diagnostic equipment, such as: CTG, ultrasound apparatus, ECG, cardiomonitor, equipment for physiotherapy. Thanks to the cooperation with many abroad companies, we can offer to our business partners high quality equipment at affordable prices. In addition, we offer analyzers and reagents, companies such as Siemens, Roche, Horiba, Olympus, Radiometer, Beckman Coulter, and many others.


Medical Equipment Accesories and reagents for in-vitro diagnostics

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Equipment Categories


Blood Gas Analyzer
Chemistry Analyzer
Coagulation Analyzer
Hematology Analyzer
OB / GYN - Vascular
Urine Analyzer
Vet. Ultrasound


Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt
Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer

We are Asamed from Poland - the biggest medical and laboratory equipement supplier in region. We offer brand new and reconditioned machines, also reagents and spare parts. We have almost every kind of analyzers: biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, hematology, coagulation, urine, blood gas, cardiac, urology, also Vet, some ultrasound by the way, and store of ultrasound probes

Asamed is placed in Przeźmierowo - small town close to Poznań. This is great location to operate in this bussiness - very close to the Airport Poznań-Ławica, but enough far from traffic congestion. It is very easy to find us! 

In that blue building we have big warehouse, full of medical equipement and supplies from all over the world. We use still also two additional storage place in vicinity.

In that warehouse our employees every day have to make maximum effort, to storage safely expensive analytic machines or pack them properly for all ours buyers. Each day we receive and send out several of them, because the number of our worldwide customers is rising.

Our shelves are full of new medical devices and consumebles, but of corse we have also older and more rare reconditioned machines with spare parts, reagents and accessories for them.

In the branch of medical analytic machines and laboratory equipement - We have everything in Asamed, and if not - we will find it, and get it for You:)
In ours refrigerators we keep safely reagents for every analyzer. 



*Sysmex XS-1000i Automated Hematology Analyzer

Fluorescent flow cytometry and advanced cell counting in a space-saving footprint makes the Sysmex® XS-Series Automated Hematology Analyzer an excellent choice for laboratories that have smaller sample volumes.  Available with and without an auto sampler, the XS-1000i offers 21 testing parameters and closed tube sampling to assure operator safety. It requires less than four feet of counter space and uses only 20 µL of sample. 


*SYSMEX XT 1800i

Designed to be reliable and efficient, the Sysmex XT-1800i offers medium volume laboratories an automated hematology system that can truly meet and exceed their expectations.  The XT-1800i provides CBC and differential analysis using the same technologies as the other analyzers in the Sysmex XT-Series and XE-Series lines.  Body fluid samples, including CSF, serous fluid and synovial fluid, are analyzed for RBC and WBC counts.  A 6-part WBC Differential, including enumerated immature granulocytes (IG% and #), is optional for laboratories who need to reduce smear reviews. The XT-1800i streamlines your workflow by providing testing for up to 80 samples per hour, enabling rapid turnaround time.

*Sysmex XE-2100™ Automated Hematology System

 The XE-2100 Automated Hematology System is an easy to use, high volume analyzer with a history of reliability and productivity that provides operational efficiency for the hematology laboratory. Unique fluorescent flow cytometry and hydrodynamic focusing technologies enable the XE-2100 to minimize review rates and produce accurate results even when interferences are present.

Designed to be scalable, reliable and efficient, the Sysmex XE-2100 offers laboratories an automated hematology system that can truly meet and exceed their expectations.  The XE-2100 streamlines your workflow by providing testing for up to 150 samples/hour, enabling rapid turnaround time.

       The Dimension® Xpand Plus: integrated chemistry system combines chemistry, STAT and specialty testing on a single, compact, easy-to-use system.

  • Full-range integrated capability in a small footprint
  • True integration of chemistry and immunoassay for improved workflow efficiency
  • Easy-to-use Dimension platform provides the confidence that every trained operator can run any test, any time
  • Full disease-state profiling on a single analyzer
  • The most commonly ordered panels from a single sample


The Dade Behring Dimension RXL chemistry analyzer ensures productivity by enhancing the efficiency of laboratory procedures. This integrated system is responsive and reliable for processing true workloads and consolidating workstations.High volume immunoassay testing is made easy with the Dade RXL analyzer system. These sampling methods are performed independently from routine testing in order to maintain high system throughput and uncompromised STAT turnaround time. Capable of fast turnaround time, the robust Dimension RXL systemdelivers 167 immunoassays per hour.

Dimension RXL chemistry analyzers offer convenience in every use. Laboratory operators can reduce both labour and processing time by not splitting samples into smaller groups. Users can eliminate batch testing procedures as well with the 24 hour continuous availability of this model. Several functions of this model can be performed with minimal supervision including incubation, wash and separation.

ADVIA Centaur CP – Immunoassay System

Manufactures:     Siemens
Method:    Chemiluminescence
Applications:     Allergy, Anemia, Bone, Cardiac, Diabetes, Hepatitis and HIV, Immunosuppresants, Liver Fibrosis, Metabolic, Reproductive Endocrinology, Sepsis, TDM, Thyroid Function, ToRCH and Special ID, Tumor Markers/Oncology
Sample capacity: 84 samples, continuous loading in 12-position sample racks
Throughput:    Up to 180 tests per hour in batch or random access mode

The ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System is a high-throughput benchtop system that enhances your in-house immunoassay test capability. 


Siemens RapidPoint 350/400/405/500 - Blood Gas analyzers

Fast test results mean quicker decisions for earlier treatment. With our RAPIDPoint® 400/405 Systems you receive the same benefits of speed, operator safety, and proven reliability that make our high-volume RAPIDLab® Systems so popular. One of the first true point-of-care systems in the market to bring comprehensive lab-quality testing to the patient’s bedside, RAPIDPoint 400/405 Systems provide acccurate results you can depend on.

Test menu includes blood gas, electrolytes, glucose, hematocrit, neonatal total bilirubin and full CO-oximetry from a single sample. Intuitive to operate for non-laboratory personnel, Biosafe automatic sampling system with clot detection and clearance, Maintenance-free cartridge-based system.

OLA 2500/ 2500HS - Preanalitycal Medical Device

Olympus OLA2500™ laboratory automation solution is a high performance system designed for use within medium- to high-volume clinical labs and sample processing departments. It features advanced aliquotting, along with pre- and post-analytical sample processing capabilities. As a front-end sample processor, the system automatically decaps, aliquots and sorts tubes to any analyzer sample rack. This saves time and labor, and eliminates sample handling errors. The Olympus OLA2500 laboratory automation system also uses an on-board digital imaging system to check sample volume as well as identify tube size, cap type and color.

ADVIA 2120/2120i - hematology analyzer

Siemens’ high-volume hematology analyzer, the ADVIA® 2120i System with Autoslide* streamlines workflow by eliminating the majority of manual steps commonly performed to maximize productivity. It delivers the gold-standard in testing methodology for optimum results while offering the simplicity and flexibility you need for easy integration into your lab.

CELL-DYN Ruby Hematology Analyzer

The CELL-DYN Ruby System* is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in medium volume clinical laboratories. This instrument uses MAPSS technology to perform cell by cell analysis from a single dilution to enumerate and differentiate White Blood Cells and provide the performance needed for patient samples. Additionally, the instrument uses optical laser light scatter analysis, without the need to reflex to another test mode, to provide both the Red Blood Cell and Platelet counts.

Clinitek ATLAS disk/rack version Urine Analyzer

The CLINITEK Atlas® Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated, benchtop instrument designed for high-volume urine testing, using Siemens' proven technology in dry-pad urine chemistry analysis.

Clinitek 500 / Clinitek Status / Clinitek 50 - urine analyzers

The Bayer Clinitek 500 is a high-performance urine chemistry analyzer designed to meet the demands of high volume facilities like large laboratories and hospitals. Its flexible reporting options include visual display, printout and upload to laboratory information system.

The CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer features new automatic checks (Auto-Checks*). The analyzer automatically checks each test strip for humidity exposure, common sample interferences** and strip identification for Siemens test strips. Together, these provide improved clinical information.

The Bayer Clinitek 50 is a urine chemistry analyzer designed to meet clinical urine tests for health care centers, physician offices, and small laboratories. With a throughput of 50 samples per hour and processing time within five minutes, the Clinitek 50 saves time and increases productivity.

 ELIX 10/ELIX 20/AFS 3/AFS 8D,10D,16D - Millipore Water Stations - variety of brand name systems:

AFS® systems combine complementary water purification techniques; complete pretreatment, intelligent reverse osmosis (RO), bactericidal UV lamp treatment and a final 0.22 µm filter ensure a reliable and consistent water quality. Water produced by the systems complies with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute® (CLSI) guideline for clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW). Depending on daily volume needs, different production flow rates are available (8, 16 and 24 L/h).

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Opened System
ABX Pentra 400 - Chemistry Analyzer

You can use reagents from different manufacturers to reduce the cost of analysis by 80%. We offer WIENER LAB reagents commercially available.

We offer service to open the system.
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As it is. Special offer. Great price
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Special offer:

ABL 800 - 15000 USD
Architect C 8000 - 12000 USD
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special offer: DADE BEHRING BCT - Coagulation Timer.
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I can offer you copy of operator's manual only.If you need this I will do copy and inform ... Click here to read more
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