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AGILENT 7890 Chromatograph for sale
AGILENT 7890 Chromatograph for sale

Vende Se AGILENT 7890 Chromatograph

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  • Date : March 23, 2020

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Listing: #2560038

  • Condition: Used - Good
  • Brand: AGILENT
  • Type: Chromatograph
  • Model: 7890
*Retention Time Locking (RTL) maintains exact retention times from injection to injection, column to column, instrument to instrument, and lab to lab
*Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) provides unique instrument capabilities, such as multi-dimension gas chromatography (GC-GC/Deans Switch), comprehensive two-dimension gas chromatography (GCxGC) with flow modulation, and backflush at the beginning, middle, or end of the analytical column
*Single filament TCD that does not require a separate reference gas, does not require manual potentiometer adjustment, and provides a stable baseline with a minimal amount of signal drift
*Auto-ranging FID provides the ability to detect and quantitate from parts per billion (ppb) to parts per thousand in a single injection
*Integrated SCD/NCD (sulfur or nitrogen chemiluminescence detector) provides low ppb detection, equi-molar response, and quantitation for sulfur or nitrogen contaminants without quenching from matrix
*Carrier Gas Options: Helium Conservation Module, Hydrogen Sensors and Alternate Carrier Gas Solutions dramatically reduce the amount of helium used to offer flexibility in your laboratory
*Large Valve Oven (LVO) allows for the combination of multiple methods and simplified maintenance
*Multimode inlet (MMI) serves as a programmable temperature vaporizing injector with flexible capabilities
*Agilent Inert Flow Path provides increased sensitivity for active compounds, from injection to detection
*Low Thermal Mass (LTM) modules, up to 4 installed and operating, increase sample throughput with rapid column heating and cooling
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