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BENNETT HFQ Rad Room For Sale

Bennett HFQ Radroom DOM: 1999 Single Phase Unit Table and Table Top with Foot Controls Generator / PDU Cabinet Console Operators Screen Wall Chest Stand Bucky Floor Mounted Tube with Tube... view more

May 23  

GE Silhouette Rad Room For Sale

GE Silhouette Radroom with 2015 X-ray Tube DOM: 1999 Floor mounted Integrated Rad Room GE Jedi 50R 3 phase 380-480 Volt Generator, Model 2212259 Silhouette VR Rad Table, Model 2226517 Silhouette... view more

May 23  

Top Quality Radiology Systems In Stock from Nationwide Imaging 732-262-3115

Through our global equipment network, Nationwide provides an extensive variety of radiology systems from all manufacturers. Contact us today for more information regarding purchasing your next rad/RF/DR/CR from Nationwide.

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GE MPH Rad Room For Sale

2003 GE MPH Radroom 2003 MX100 X-Ray Tube MPH Generator Compax I/T Auto 4-way float table with tomo SG60 bucky 3 Phase, High frequency system, Celling mount tube. Professionally... view more

May 23

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$4,000 USD



2006 Phillips Digital Diagnost Radroom DOM:2006 Generator:OPTIMUS Patient Table:Table BuckyDiagnost X-Ray Tube 2006 Detector:PIXIUM 4600 Workstation:DiDi workstation Options: Software... view more

May 23  

PHILIPS Digital Diagnost TH with 2016 Xray TUBE Rad Room For Sale

2005 Phillips Digital Diagnost Radroom Generator:OPTIMUS 80 RAD Patient Table:Table BuckyDiagnost TH2(750) Yellow Tabletop X-Ray Tube Detector:PIXIUM 4600 Workstation:DiDi workstation ... view more

May 23  

AMERICOMP DOM: 2005 Model L550-01 Rad Room For Sale

2005 Summit Americop Rad Room: 2005 Summit Collimator LX125, on Floor Mounted Summit Tube Stand Single Phase Generator model number L550-01: input 240 max output 300ma 2005 Tube 4-Way Float Top... view more

May 23  

Source-Ray, Inc. - Innovations In Portable X-Ray

SRI is a leading Developer, Manufacturer & Supplier of Innovative Portable Imaging Equipment. We offer Lightweight, Agile, Easy to Maneuver Portable X-Ray Systems ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces. Call us at 631-244-8200


GE Proteus with 2016 TUBE Rad Room For Sale

GE Proteus Rad Room with 2016 tube replaced Date of MFG 8/2001. Tube replaced January 28, 2016. This is an overhead tube Professionally De installed. Located in our Miami warehouse.... view more

May 23  

SUMMIT HF Single Phase Synergy 200 Generato Rad Room For Sale

2000 Summit High Frequency Rad Room: 2000 Summit Collimator LX125, on Floor Mounted Summit Tube Stand Single Phase Synergy 200 Generator: VZW 2552RA5-01 30kW Jan 2000 Tube Model: E7239GX ... view more

May 23  

GE Indigo Generator Rad Room For Sale

2005 GE Radroom Indigo Generator, 40/80V, 3 Phase 2005 MX-100 X-Ray Tube 466155318G33 Elevating 4 Way Float Table Table Mounted Tube Stand Wall Bucky Professionally De-installed. Available... view more

May 23  

CONTINENTAL TM-30 Rad Room For Sale

Trex Continental TM30 DOM: 1999. High frequency, single phase, Floor mounter tube stand. 6 way up and down table, wall Bucky Professionally De-installed. ... view more

May 23  

Althea US-The source for quality Imaging parts,equipment,training & support

Competitive pricing & 3-month warranty on in-house parts. Installs & deinstalls, magnet monitoring, training from industry professionals, free tech support, and complete system sales, are just a few services we offer. Call us anytime at (615) 448-6095.

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XMA A360 Summit Rad Room For Sale

1997 XMA Summit Rad Room Generator Single Phase (360 MA) Floor-to-Ceiling Tube Stand Summit 4 way Table, Wall Bucky Professionally DE installed, Located in our Miami Warehouse.... view more

May 23  

GE Silhouette VR Rad Room For Sale

2008 GE Silhouette VR High Frequency Radroom Specifications: Integrated Tube stand Four (4) Way Float Top Table Floor-to-Wall Mounted Chest stand High Frequency Generator VR GE... view more

May 23  

TREX Series High Frequency Rad Room For Sale

Trex Series High Frequency Rad-room DOM: 2000, High Frequency Generator Trex HFQ-6000 P, 3 Phase, Floor-to-Wall Mounted Tube stand, Manual Collimator. US Imaging Table Table.Use for: Skull, Chest,... view more

May 23  

GE Silhouette VR Rad Room For Sale

2009 GE Silhouette VR High Frequency Radroom Integrated Tube stand Four (4) Way Float Top Table Floor-to-Wall Mounted Chest stand High Frequency Generator GE Silhouette Control Panel... view more

May 23  

Diagnostic Imaging Training: RSTI (Radiological Service Training Institute)

15,000 service professionals from over 50 different countries have trained in over 35 courses in radiology, mammography, CT, ultrasound, networking, PACS, & DICOM. Classroom & lab facilities to accommodate up to 60 students.

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SUMMIT A802 325 Generator Rad Room For Sale

Summit A802 Rad Room 325 DOM: 1995, Standard Freq. Generator 325 Orthopedic Style Table Floor-to-Wall Mounted Tube stand Manual Collimator Floor-to-Wall Mounted Chest Stand Located in our... view more

May 23