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1x Ethicon Endo-Surgery Mammotome Control Module w/ SmartVac Biopsy Unit
S/N: 120219
Est Dimensions: 16x30x45
Powers On: Yes
In Good Cosmetic Condition: Yes- Decent
Total # of Pieces: 1


SENORX VS3000 Biopsy Unit

1x SenoRx VS 3000 Vacuum System w/ CM300 Control Module
Missing Hand Device
S/N: 001961
Est Dimensions: 33x18x49- Rolling
Powers On: Yes
In Good Cosmetic Condition: Yes- Good
Total # of Pieces: 1

MPN: REF# Cart01

HOLOGIC Tomographic Mammo Detector- Shipping Kit Only

1x Hologic Full Field Tomographic Mammography Detector Shipping Kit (Kit Only)
Est Dimensions: 36x27x20
Used Cosmetic Condition: Good
Total # of Pieces: 11

Lot #1220

9 Days

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GE MEDICAL SYSTEMS Senographe DS Mammo Unit

1x GE Senographe DS Mammo Unit, MN#: 2383168, S/N: 591273BU8, DOM: 07-2010
1x High Voltage Power Supply Unit, MN#: 2107399, S/N: 589424BU1, DOM: 05-2010
1x High Voltage Power Supply Unit, MN#: 2383174, S/N: 591267BU0, DOM: 07-2010
1x Control Station V3, MN#: 5134128-8, DOM: 07-2010
1x Imaging Plate, MN#: 2397557, S/N: 1624, DOM: 07-02-2011
1x Imaging Plate, MN#: 2373343, S/N: 1695, DOM: 09/05/2011
1x Imaging Plate, MN#: 5460634, S/N: AR0016, DOM: 12/18/2014
1x Imaging Plate, MN#: 2397559, S/N: 1549, DOM: 03/18/2010
1x Imaging Plate, MN#: 2373389, S/N: 755, DOM: 07/23/2009
1x Imaging Plate, MN#: 2373385
1x Imaging Plate, MN#: 2397558, S/N: 1761, DOM: 05/10/2011

HOLOGIC Selenia Mammo Unit

1x Lorad Selenia Gantry Mammography Unit, MN#: ASY-00676, S/N: 28403082979, DOM: 03/2008
1x X-Ray HV Generator, MN#: 4-000-0014, S/N: 19403089130, DOM: 03-2008
1x Direct Ray Full Field Digital Mammography Detector, MN#: FFDM-L, S/N: MM15701, DOM: 06/2008
1x Standard Cycle Detector, MN#: RM-ASY-00834, S/N: MM15701RM, DOM: 10/2009
1x Varian X-Ray Tube, MN: M-113R, S/N: 15804-8M, DOM: 01/2008
1x Beam Limiting Assembly, MN#: 4-000-0029, S/N: 19503087972, DOM: 03/2008
1x Hologic Accessory Cabinet
10x Assorted Paddles (See Photos)
2x APC Back-UPS XS1000, MN#: BX1000, S/Ns: JB0425008402, JB0425009258
1x Selenia Acquisition Workstation, MN#: ASY-01418, S/N: 28103082589, DOM: 03/2008
1x Phantom (11x12in)

Lot #1222

9 Days

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