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Rikke Bjerg Madsen, Key Account Manager
DOTmed user since April 2012

Gugvej 70
Aalborg, 9210 Denmark
Phone: +45 004525193535
Rikke Bjerg Madsen, Key Account Manager
Phone:+45 004525193535
Becky Lowe, Key Account Manager
Phone:+1 5175809971
Lars Braun Nielsen, CEO
Phone:+45 4596886500
Mehdi Smail, CEO
Phone:+45 96886500
Torben Broberg, Sourcing Manager
Phone:+45 004525193522
Alexander Daastrup, Technician
Phone:+45 4525193572
Lars Lund Noerregaard, Sourcing Assistant
Phone:+45 4525193533

GE OEC 8800 C-Arm For Sale

GE OEC 8800 - YOM 2005 SN: 6100PU2 Application: General surgery FOV 9" DICOM Tube model: 2299888 Tube SN: 1102358 Tube YOM: 2005 Rotation Anode tube: No Focal Spot: 0.6, 1.4 Monitor... view more

December 11  

PHILIPS BV Pulsera C-Arm For Sale

Philips BV Pulsera YOM 2005 Contact us for more information and... view more

December 09  

SIEMENS S2000 HELX Touch ULS For Sale

Siemens S2000 HELX Touch - YOM 2015 SN: 213170 Keyboard language: QWERTY ENG Panel language: English Options: GET WORKLIST, MPPS SUPPORT, SECURITY PRIVACY BASIC, CARDIAC_IMAGING, TEQ,... view more

December 13  

TOSHIBA Vantage Elan™ 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

Toshiba Vantage Elan 1.5T - YOM 2014 SN: E2B1492012 Gradient type: DX 8 Channel - 8 Channels per VAP (x1 VAP) System model no.: MRT-2020 Magnet YOM: 2014 Magnet model no.: TN150 Magnet... view more

December 13  

GE Voluson E8 OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

GE Voluson E8 - YOM 2011 Keyboard language: QWERTY English Panel language: English Incl. Printer Probes: RIC5-9D SN 54975KR8 (STANDARD) RM6C SN 114387KR4 (STANDARD) Options: Advanced... view more

December 13  


Siemens S1000 HLEX - YOM 2015 SN: 211797 Options: Get_Worklist, MPPS_Support, Security_Privacy_Basic, Teq, Advanced_Sieclear_SC, Syngo_General_License, Film_Paper_Printer, Film_VFS,... view more

December 13  

GE Discovery CT750 HD CT Scanner For Sale

GE Discovery CT750 HD - YOM 2010 SN: 416231CN9 Phantom type: only qa phantom Tube model: Performix HD Detector type: HDAS_HD_64 Tube count: Total tube mAs 183103297.5 Couch type: standard ... view more

December 13  

TOSHIBA Aquilion RXL CT Scanner For Sale

Toshiba Aquilion RXL - YOM 2013 SN: RDB1392071 Phantom type: SS, S , M , L ,TOS Tube model: MCS7078D Tube count: NEW Tube Generator type: Spellman System count: 659.829 Couch type: Long ... view more

December 13  

ORTHOONE Oni 1.0T MRI Scanner For Sale

ONI 1.0T OrthOne Extremity MRI SN: 10212005-01 System YOM: October 2005 Superconducting 1.0T magnet Compressor running hours: 980.594 Compressor pressure level: Running (Dynamic Pressure) = 21... view more

December 13  

SIEMENS Symphony Quantum MRI Scanner For Sale

Siemens Symphony Quantum - YOM 2004 SN: 14403 Number of RX Boards: 1 Number Of Receivers: 2 Gradient coil: AS39T Graditent Power Amplifier: K2217/2000V380A Stimulation Monitor: SAFE Model ... view more

December 13  

STEPHANIX Movix 4.0 Mobile Portable X-Ray For Sale

Stephanix Movix 4.0 Mobile - YOM 2004 SN: P4-1030 We have many of these systems in stock, YOM - 2004, 2008, and 2009 Tube Model: A6544-02 Tube YOM:2004 Tube Serial no.: PK10529 Rotating... view more

December 13  

PHILIPS Duo Diagnost Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Philips Duo Diagnost - YOM 2001 SN: PK10529 Duodiagnost rad /RF table with Optimus 50 KW generator As a remote-controlled fluoroscopy system, DuoDiagnost is suitable for all standard R/F... view more

December 13  

GE Voluson S6 OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

GE Voluson S6 - YOM 2015 SN: 306863SU2 Probes: RAB2-6RS SN 44907QWX2 (STANDARD) Options: 3D/4D Advanced, DICOM, IOTA LR2, BT Activation Contact us for more information and price.... view more

December 13  

PHILIPS PSR Corado CR For Sale

PSR Corado - YOM 2011 SN: 17150829 Operating voltage: 120-240V~ Accessories included: barcode reader, touch screen monitor Contact us for more information and... view more

December 13  


Siemens X300 PE - YOM 2010 SN: 316765 Keyboard language: QWERTY French Panel language: French Accessories incl.: Printer Contact us for more information and price.... view more

December 13