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General Rating by Clinton Courson, Quest Medical Supply, Inc.
January 22, 2018


General Rating by Paul Davis , Davis Pet Hospital, Inc
February 09, 2016

Great products and outstanding customer service! Details

General Rating by Douglas Gnepp, University Pathologists
February 09, 2016

Had an excellent experience; Tom was very knowledgeable and helpful in choosing the best equipment for my needs. I highly recommend him!!
Tom Tottleben responded: Thank you Dr. Gnepp! Your comments are very much appreciated! You have always been easy to work with!

General Rating by Jodie Warner, Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
February 09, 2016

Tom has supplied and serviced our microscopes for many years. He's always responsive and takes great care of us!
Tom Tottleben responded: Thank you Jodi! It's easy working with customers are so FUN to be around!

General Rating by Doug Mueller, Mason District Hospital
February 09, 2016

Tom Tottleben responded: Thank you Doug! You make working in your lab a very pleasant and FUN experience. I wish all the labs I service were as fun to work in as yours!

General Rating by John Pflum, Community Hospital of Anderson
February 09, 2016

Very knowledgeable of field. Always helpful.
Tom Tottleben responded: John is one of the easiest people to like that I know. He is thoroughly liked and appreciated as a supervisor and manager of the BioMed Department. Thanks, John!

General Rating by an Independent Service Organization
May 19, 2014

Tom is an excellent person and deals with people honestly and with integrity. Details

General Rating by a Laboratory
May 19, 2014


General Rating by Craig Hardwick, Kirby Medical Center
May 16, 2014

Tom has serviced our Microscopes for over 20 years. He is on time,courteous and reliable. We have purchased several scopes from him and his pricing is very reliable. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a microscope or microscope maintenance. Details

General Rating by Angelos Panagopoulos, Pantur. Inc.
February 23, 2013

Professional, knowledgeable customer. Pleasure to do business with. Details

General Rating by Tim Randolph, Saint Louis University
February 19, 2013

I have used Tottleben Scientific to purchase new microscopes and to maintain and repair microscope existing microscopes. Details

General Rating by James Burden, New Paradigm Dentistry
February 18, 2013

Tom is fantastic!! You can't go wrong in working with him! Details

General Rating by Debbie Rice, Asset Equip Store
December 06, 2010

Tom is very professional and an expert in his field. Details

Listing Rating by John Draxler, Forward Dental
February 04, 2010

Very good product, great service and price Details