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General Rating by Ken Pukay, Goshen Medical
January 06, 2020

Experience trustworthy source go to for LASERS thank you for your help Details

General Rating by Scott Mattfeld, Ovation Surgical, LLC
January 23, 2019


General Rating by Richard Kile, Focus Laser Marketing
January 22, 2019

Wonderful to work with. Details

General Rating by Darryl Louis, Med Auction Inc.
January 21, 2019

Lee has always been easy to do business with and has always conducted his business with Integrity and Honesty. Details

General Rating by Ryan Haller, TheLaserTrader.com
October 12, 2017

I have worked with Lee for years. A great person to do business with. Details

General Rating by Dave Konstanzer, NewSurg
May 20, 2015

Lee is a pleasure to work with. Details

General Rating by Lisa Karadjian, GirlStar Glow
February 18, 2015

I trusted Lee to repair my Palomar Laser Machine and refurbish two hand pieces. one hand piece was clearly never refurbished and I had to send it back. Then the machine stopped working after 15 shots. Lee has not honored the warranty or given me the refund due that was discussed and promised. Lee refuses to return my phone calls and emails. Lisa Karadjian Los Angeles, CA
Lee Diallo responded: Lisa conveniently fails to mention she was issued a refund for her repairs. A check in the amount $1327.00 was mailed on 1/18/15. The check was received and cashed! Even though the system was not working when receive, but working and test prior to leaving our location, we still issued a refund. Regarding a warranty this would not apply after receiving a refund. It appears Lisa is under the impression when one or two items are repaired on a laser; the warranty given is for the complete laser versus the items repaired. As to not returning her phone calls, after two post receiving refund conversations, we decided not to provide any further service work for this laser. Things do not always go, as we would like in all transactions, however an effort to correct things is important. Issuing a refund even though the system was working when it left our location is the best I can offer. Advanced Medical has been in business since 1994 and a DotMed member since 2001. Please don't hesitate to check our ratings

General Rating by Bob Gaw, PRN
December 05, 2014

Thank you for your business. PRN, Inc. wishes you continued success and we will strive to continue to provide quality products blended with excellent service. Details

General Rating by Brian Baumgardner, BMX Medical, Inc
September 24, 2014

Lee is a stand up guy that runs and honest business! Details

General Rating by John Bailey, BMX Medical, Inc.
January 24, 2012


General Rating by Richard Fosco, HealthWare Inc.
January 10, 2011

Lee does business the right way, truthfully, honestly, and professionally. Details

General Rating by Todd Partridge, MoveIt Specialized Logistics
January 10, 2011


General Rating by Laura Quinlan, Tiger Leasing/Globex Capital
October 20, 2010

Lee Atkins is one of the best laser sales representatives I have worked with him for over 10 years providing financing for his customers. Details

General Rating by Samuel Lehrer, The Laser Outlet
September 09, 2010

Very reputable and reliable.. Details

General Rating by Mark Crabtree, Equipment Placement Services
November 19, 2008

Very honest, reliable and easy to deal with. Details

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