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HACKER /MEISEI RCM3660 Coverslipper

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The HACKER-MEISEI RCM3660 Robot Coverslipping Machine is a fully enclosed, automated, robotic system which coverslips microscope slides. The RCM3660 employs the exclusive, patented pressure bending method for dispensing and applying the glass coverslips. Coverslips are rolled in place, insuring optimum coverage and air tight seal, emulating the preferred manual method.

Unlike manual methods, the RCM guarantees consistent quality, continuous productivity, component compatibility with other automated procedures, and considerable savings in reagents, consumables and overtime.

The RCM3660 frees technicians to attend to other laboratory functions which require their hands-on attention. Contact with potentially hazardous reagents will be minimized, while RCMs fully enclosed system contributes to a healthier, safer laboratory environment. All at an average rate of 12 seconds per slide!
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