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Trip to the RAAN Nicaragua, women's health


Thomas Byrne

Trip to the RAAN Nicaragua, women's health

June 08, 2005 10:26

My trip with Partners in Health of Maine to Peurto Cabezas is scheduled for the 3rd week of November. That seems like a long way away but will be here in not time. Preparations are going well.

Some additional donations still needed for the trip;
# 4 - Cervical biopsy forceps - Mini-Tischler. straight, with rotating tip. Example - Gynex Catalog 1200-05-E5. Could also be a combination of 2 complete sets and 2 additional tips.
# 2 - Endocervical Specula, 4mm - Ratchet handle, example Gynex catalog 2140-E5
# 2 boxes - REACH Extended Needle, screw hub. example CYBEX catalog 5100-E5
# 1 box - Lidocaine cartridges with epinephrine, example cybex catalog 1150-E5
# 2 - Dental style Cartridge Syringe, threaded tip, example cybex 5210-E5
# 3 - Coated specula, Graves medium with smoke evac spout, example Cybes catalog 2842-E5 - I have seen similar specula on ebay for less than cybex catalog
# 1 box - Monsel's , example cybex catalog 5055-E5
# 2 boxes - Patient dispersive pads for Finess by Utah Medical, examples Cybex catalog 21-809-E5, Utah Medical ESU 420
# 1 box - smoke evacuator tubing, example Cybex catalog 8200-E5
# 1 box - 10mm loop/letx electrode, examples UTAH medical DLP-S11, Cybex 12-1010-E5
# 1 box - 15mm loop/letz electrode, Utah medical DLP-M11, Cybex 12-1505-E5
# 1 box - 20mm electrode, Utah Medical DLP- W11, Cybex 12-2008-E5
#1 box - square electrode, 10mm, Utah Medical DLP-SQ1, Cybex 19-1010-E5
#1 Honda EU1000i generator
Each time we go we try to expand our area of service. This trip some members will be traveling from Peurto Cabezas to Waspan and surrounding villages to do PAP smears and identify patients who need colposcopy and or leep. We would like to take our colposcopy and LEEP on the road. To do this we will need our own reliable protable power source. I am thinking of a portable generator like the Honda EU 1000i and will gladly accept donations.

All and any help is greatly appreciated. I am getting ready for the trip now and would like to have the vast majority of me donations 3 months before trip time.
Tom Byrne
please contact me at

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