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system operation disk


Rolando Carrera

system operation disk

October 19, 2005 02:49

Dear Sirs:

the present is intended to kindly ask you if you could help us on this.

I work for Charity medical center "Nuestra senora de la Caridad" in a town very far away of the city and very poor in the hightlands of Peru, South America, they have recived a ultrasound unit brand ATL model Ultramark 8 as a donation, unfortunatly the operation system disk and software are gone and we need it in orden to test the unit and see if it is working properly due to they need the unit.
For that reason I kindly ask you if you could send us a copy of them if it is possible, via internet.

we would really apreciate if you could answer us in any case if you have it or not.

Thanks in advanced for your kind and nice comprehension.

Best regards

Mr Rolando Carrera

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Steve Beno

Re: system operation disk

October 20, 2005 01:21

Sorry, but I do not have the disk.

Try contacting Philips or ATL.

Steve Beno
Sterilizer Services, Inc.

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