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Medical equipment is needed in Iraq


Nameer Faris

Medical equipment is needed in Iraq

September 10, 2017 05:33

Dear friends,
I am an infection control officer and I have a master degree in Public health in Community health education. I had to return home to Iraq from USA and it shocked .e that Iraqi health system is struggling and one major joint that is being affected is sterilization. In fact, in Basra city where I do work there are 13 local hospitals that do 50,000 surgical operations most of them for free. And there is only 2 central sterilization supply departments in 2 hospitals. It's like driving a car while your closing your eyes hoping that you will not hit someone or something. Therefore, can anyone help me by donating some equipment or supplies because the situation is urgent. I am doing my best to educate people and healthcare workers, but the problem is beyond education. Sorry for the long email. And looking to hear back from you.
With my gratitude,
Nameer N. Faris, MPH, CHES

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