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GE Logiq Book - Replace Hard Drive, Reinstall SW from Scratch

Daniel Barbour

GE Logiq Book - Replace Hard Drive, Reinstall SW from Scratch

June 22, 2011 01:46

Hello there,

We (FH Canada's IMED program - have a GE Logiqbook (2003 - not the XP model) that has a major software issue, possibly a failed drive. It will not boot the standard Windows 2000 Pro Embedded it came with, but if another 2.5" HDD is installed with a Linux build it will boot up and run, so the Logiq Book itself is at least functional. It does not appear to be able to boot from USB.

We have access to the Windows/System files on the old drive, but copying them to another hard drive (and adding files and bootloaders, trying to repair the install, etc.) has so far proved fruitless - I don't trust their setup or current state enough to spend much more time on them.

We have the Base Software and Applications CD's from GE (and the external CD-RW drive), but these appear to be only useful in upgrading or reinstalling SW on an already funcitoning system.

Does anyone know how to do a clean install on a new hard drive? Does anyone have an image of a hard drive from a working unit (we have access to the old drive so we could attempt to use our own software keys)? I have seen this issue come up quite a bit online, with no definitive solution - if you know how to do this I know it would help a lot of people.

This would be such a great unit to send overseas. Thanks so much for your help!

Daniel Barbour

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