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Equipment for public hospitals in Zanzibar, Tanzania


Jayson Marwaha

Equipment for public hospitals in Zanzibar, Tanzania

June 20, 2012 06:00

MED International is a medical equipment donations nonprofit with an innovative strategy to making donations more relevant and more helpful for the recipient. As a result, we’re very attentive to the needs and capacity of our recipients. Right now we’re working closely with the VP and Ministry of Health of Zanzibar, Tanzania on capacity-building in their public hospitals.

We are looking for donations of decommissioned/surplus medical technology – your equipment will be effectively used, maintained, and make a long-term impact in Zanzibar’s public hospitals. For donors, we’ll gladly provide a tax write-off, exposure to our sponsors and recipients, pictures of your equipment in use, and ongoing contact.

We’re looking for 2 things:
1) Donations of specific equipment (birthing beds, endoscopes, suction machines, ultrasounds, etc. etc.), OR
2) An ongoing donor-recipient relationship – namely, you send us a list of your surplus/decommissioned equipment that you no longer need, then we’ll tell you what we can 1) give you a tax write-off on, and 2) remove from your premises for you.

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