MEDTRONIC OARM Sistema de navegação cirúrgico Venda

MEDTRONIC OARM Surgical Navigation System

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Location:  Larisa, Greece
Bid Closes: Aug 20 - 12:00pm EDT
Manufacturer: MEDTRONIC
Model: OARM
Seller: Hospital

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This system is currently located in Greece.

Image-guided minimally invasive spine surgery is the safest and most precise approach for spinal cord treatments. We are proud to offer this mint condition O-ARM / StealthStation7 Medtronic system for spinal cord interventions. The O-ARM is a multi-dimensional imaging and assistive surgery system, offering 3D, multi-planar 2D, and 2D fluoro imaging. Combined with the S7 navigation system, the neurosurgeon is able to produce a virtual 3D model of the spinal cord upon which he can plan carefully the trajectories and depths for screw placement.

The full items list:

Main imaging and navigation system:
Medtronic O-ARM Scanner (REF: BI-700-00020).
Medtronic O-ARM Mobile View Station, with Medtronic MVS Monitor NDS Surgical Imaging (REF: BI-700-00025-120).
Medtronic StealthStation S7 Treatment Guidance System (PN: 9733857) with NDI Spectra infrared sensor, Extension surgeon monitor (PN: 9733623), and Synergy Spine/Trauma software (PN: 9733990).

Spinal Navigation Toolsets:

Medtronic Spine Referencing and Navigation Toolset PN: 9734495
1x Open spine clamp driver PN: 9730027
1x Reference frame small passive PN: 9730605
1x Dilator tracker PN: 9733816
1x Dilator navigated PN: 9733817
1x Cross pin slap hammer PN: 9732564
1x Plannar passive probe PN: 960-559
1x Open spine clamp radiolucent PN: 9731780
1x Thoracic clamp radiolucent PN: 9733148
1x Percutaneous reference cross pin frame PN: 9732353
1x Dilator 100mm PN: 9732565
1x Cannula 150mm PN: 9732772
1x Dilator 150mm PN: 9732771
1x Cross pin tap cap PN: 9732562

Medtronic NavLock Toolset PN: 9734489
1x Ratcheting egg handle PN: 9734410
1x NavLock grey PN: 9734228
1x NavLock orange PN: 9734289
1x NavLock violet PN: 9734315
1x Nav lumbar probe tip PN: 9734402
1x Nav thoracic probe tip PN: 9734403
1x Nav awl tip PN: 9734404

Medtronic Tactile Probes Toolset PN: 9734494
1x Probe pedicle 2.25mm PN: 9733457
1x Fighter insertion/removal tool PN: 9734450
1x Tevetracker gold PN: 9730491
1x Tevetracker blue PN: 9730489
1x Right Probe PN: 9732516
1x Left Probe PN: 9732515

Medtronic Solera Taps and Drivers Toolset PN: 9734632
1x 6.5mm Tap PN: 9734302
1x 5.5mm Tap PN: 9734300
1x 4.5mm Tap PN: 9734298
1x Nav 5.5-6.5mm awl tip tap PN: 9734284
1x Nav 4.5-5.5mm awl tip tap PN: 9734283

Medtronic Universal DrillGuide Toolset PN: 9734507
1x Teratracker purple PN: 9730492
1x Aggressive tip drill PN: 9734036
1x Bit guide 3mm universal D PN: 960-523
1x Tracar universal PN: 960-522
1x Universal drill guide PN: 960-521

Medtronic SureTrak2 Toolset PN: 961-585
1x Universal tracker small passive fighter PN: 9731567
1x Universal tracker medium passive fighter PN:961-579
1x Universal tracker large passive fighter PN: 961-581
1x Universal tracker small clampPN: 961-576
1x Universal tracker medium clamp PN: 961-578
1x Universal tracker large clamp PN: 961-580
1x Universal tracker clamp driver PN: 961-584
1x Driver PN: JJO96-6295

The system is accompanied by:
Foot pedal for S7 control.
Wireless O-ARM mouse PN: 9733292.
Various accessories, cables, etc.
90 reflective spheres (30 pouches of 3)
User manuals (Spine/Trauma, S7, O-ARM)
Service manual (O-ARM)
Varian manual
Quick user guide
Dosimetry protocol guide
ISO Certification
Installation Report

The system is currently de-commissioned but still fully functional. It is not currently covered by either warranty or contract.

Buyer is responsible for customs and transportation expenses. We can offer packaging / crating if requested.

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