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ELGA Medica R15 40L tank

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Location:  Clare, Ireland
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Manufacturer: ELGA
Model: Medica R15 40L tank
Seller: Laboratory

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I'm selling a Water Purification System: Veolia/ ELGA MR015BPM1 -MEDICA-R 15 with Boost Pump Water System producing CLSI CLRW grade water. YOM 2017, fully serviced by Veolia. The reason for selling is because of the wind up of the lab.
The Medica-R15 is a unit providing CLRW grade water. The system has a boost pump and is designed for direct feed to clinical and immunoassay analysers.
It produces purified reverse osmosis-grade water at a rate of 15 L/hour and delivers under pressure to the c311 analyzer at a maximum flow rate of 1.8 L/min on demand.
The system comprises pre-treatment (LC140), RO (reverse osmosis, LC143) module, deionisation (LC141), UV (LC105) and 0.2um (LC125) in-line filtration. The purified water is recirculated through a 40L reservoir to maintain high-quality water which through its unique analyser feed mechanism will always give priority feed to the analyser. There is a dispense tap for water to be taken off for general laboratory use. This is system is currently used to supply water to a Roche Cobas c311. An operator manual is included with the equipment.

The system has the following consumables:
LC105 : Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp). Bactericide with DNA and RNA
polymerase damage breaks down and photo-oxidizes organic contaminants to polar or ionized species.
25 um filter: prefilter cartridge that removes particles to protect RO membrane.
LC125 : Micro-Filter Cartridge (0.2 um) filters and provides a physical barrier to the passage of particles and microorganisms.
LC136M2 : Hydrophobic microporous filter fitted to the reservoir as a vent filter: prevent particulates including bacteria, from entering the stored water. By combining absorptive media with filter media, this filter can also minimize CO2 and organic contamination of stored water.
LC140 : Pre-Treatment Cartridge: protects the RO membranes by removing particulates and chlorine.
LC141 : Deionization Cartridge: removes ionic contaminants to achieve specified water quality.
LC143 : Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane (7.5 L/h) removes water contaminants that are less than 1 um diameter and typically remove over 99% of ionic contamination, most organic contamination, and nearly all particulate contamination.