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ORFLO MXF002 Flow Cytometer

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Manufacturer: ORFLO
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Moxi Flow is a fully automated, cassette-based flow cytometer

Cell Count with >95% accuracy
Viability with PI
Apoptosis with Annexin V
Precise cell/particle (Coulter Principle)
Blood analysis (RBC counts, WBC counts, CD4 counts, etc.)
Somatic Cell Counts in Milk

Cell Count and Viability

Flow cytometry based viability tests with simultaneous Coulter Principle Cell Counts and Cell Volume

Below are screen shots taken directly from the Moxi Flow. The left screen shot is a scatter plot of fluorescence intensity of the Propidium Iodide (PI), used to select for dead cells, versus cell volume on the x axis, converted to cell diameter. The middle screen shot is cell volume only, which shows the cell volume heterogeneity of the cancer line population along with subtle shift in the mean cell volume of the dead cell population. The right screen shot shows the fluorescence intensity of the baseline viable cell population versus the dead cell population.

Propidium Iodide was used to detect the exact cell count of the dead, non viable cells. The viability percent is displayed in the yellow text box. The concentration and volume of the viable live cells and non viable cells is displayed in the black text boxes.