DOTmed Gold Parts Vendor Profile For EndocorpUSA

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(46 Votes)
Years in business: 20
Percentage of revenue that parts account for: 50%
Restocking Fee: 0%
Warehouse Size in Sq. Ft: 45,000
Number of Parts Stocked: 1,000,000
Company Statement:
EndocorpUSA is an endoscopy independent service organization (ISO) that services, repairs, and maintains endoscopes to doctors, hospitals, and surgical centers worldwide. We are the largest stocking dealer of pre-owned and refurbished endoscopes, endoscopy equipment, and accessories.

EndocorpUSA is also a supplier of capital OEM endoscopy repair parts to the ISO market. These parts have increased the capabilities of ISO service centers and the quality of repairs worldwide. Our supply of parts allow ISO's to replace critical parts that otherwise would prevent endoscope repairs and increase endoscope downtime.

In over 20 years, EndocorpUSA has grown to be a leading player in the ISO endoscopy market. Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, EndocorpUSA has established affiliate offices with in-house repair capabilities in Latin America and the Middle East.

We provide our customers with unparalleled solutions to costly OEM repairs. And because of our unsurpassed stock of OEM parts we can provide quality repairs, that meet OEM specifications, at an affordable price.

Our Products

+ Flexible and Rigid Endoscopes
+ Endoscopy Equipment - Processors, Light Sources, Pigtails, Keyboards, Medical Carts, Foot Switches
+ Endoscopy Accessories - Reprocessing Products, Cables, Soaking Caps, Biopsy Valves
+ Endo-Therapeutic Devices - Disposable and Reusable
+ OEM Endoscope Parts - from obsolete models to the newest models, small and large diameter
+ Flexible and Rigid Endoscope CCD's

Our Services

+ Endoscopy Repair Services (Minor and Major Repairs, Complete Overhauls, Service Exchanges)
+ Endoscopy Preventative Maintenance
+ On-site Installation and Staff Care and Handling Training
+ Re-processing Documentation & Training
+ Capitated and Cost Plus Fixed Fee Service Contracts
+ Equipment and Peripheral Repairs
+ One-year Standard and Extended Warranties
+ Loaner Pool- Next-Day Loaners guaranteed
+ Endoscopy Rental
Standard warranty terms?:
13-month Standard Warranty on all endoscope and equipment purchases and repairs. 30 day warranty on all endoscopy part purchases
Standard return policy?:
15 day returns accepted for all endoscope, equipment, and part purchases
Standard acceptance policy?:
15 day returns accepted for all endoscope, equipment, and part purchases

Contact EndocorpUSA


(principal) Najeeb Haddad


1 Endoscope, Endoscopy Equipment, and Accessory Sales. OEM Olympus Endoscopy Replacement Part Sales. U.S. and European Fiberscope and Videoscope Models. 10 Series+. Small Diameter: BF, CHF, CYF, ENF, HYF, LF and Large Diameter: CF, PCF, GIF, TJF, JF parts.


"Your service is outstanding!"

Dr. Charles Franklin - Academy Animal Hospital
"We like it very much!"

Dr. Robert Bridge - Southwest Oto Laryngology
"I give you an A plus. We would highly recommend you!"

Dr. Frank Young - SIM, USA
"Everything happened just like it was supposed to!"

Dr. Randall D. Rogers, MD
"You're wonderful!"

Dr. Gorman - Piedmont Medical Care Associates

Esther - Administrative Coordinator, Peter B. Shin, MD Inc.
"It's less expensive than buying a new one & you're easy to deal with. Thanks!"

Carol Harper - OR Supervisor, Mena Medical Center
"They're great. Give 'em a call!"

Dr. James E. Edinger - Tully Family Practice
"You do good work! I'm really impressed! You've exceeded my expectations!"

Charles Meenehan - CFO, Bayside Health Association
"Great, good speedy service. You saved us money!"

Susan Miller - OR Manager, Oakwood Hospital (Beyer Center)
"Rapid response!"

Doris Fritts / Director of Nursing / Black Hills Surgery Center, LLP
"You've been very helpful & cooperative. I really appreciate it. Thanks!"

Dr. Ira Flax - Gastroenterology Consultants of Houston
"You handled yourselves in a very professional manner!"

Rick Reese, CFO, Carteret Family Practice Clinic
"Happy with product & price!"

Dr. Jay Reznick - Southern California Oral & Facial Surgery
"Very helpful!"

Dr. Dennis Frank - Town Center Medical Group
"Fine. Very nice equipment!"

Thomas M. Cooper, MD
Very good. Very helpful!"

James Vick, MD - Peachtree Corners Animal Clinic
"You're fantastic. You do extremely well!"

Dr. Ellis Browning - Ellis Browning, MD
"Excellent service. Good follow-up. I appreciate the good service!"

Dr. Larry Coppola - Family Care Physicians
"In thirty years of practice I've never dealt with a company as efficient as yours. The people I spoke with were so nice and friendly. The scope is working well. I've worked with a lot of companies; I've never dealt with people so efficient!"

Dr. Allan Cohen - Silver Spring MD
"They did everything they could to help me out!"

Stacia Spokely - Internal Medical Associates of North Platte
"2nd purchase! Impressed. You've bent over backwards to help us. Use me as a reference anytime!"

Dr. Samuel K. Turner - Practice of Adult Internal Medicine
"I think you should call them!"

Dr. David Jacobsohn - Gastroenterology Assoc. of East Bay Med
"You're so prompt. You make it so easy for us. A plus so far. Thanks!"

Dr. Shirish Shah - GMA - Gastroenterology Medical Associate
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