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Brand-new Three Crosses regional hospital selects INFINITT for cardiology and radiology image management and reporting

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | August 03, 2021 Cardiology Health IT
A brand-new Three Crosses Regional Hospital officially opened in Las Cruces, New Mexico in December 2020, after 3 years under construction. The facility is a full-service acute care hospital, boasting 36 patient beds, four surgical suites, and 10 beds each in intensive care, post-op and pre-op units, and the emergency room.

A medical office building still under construction will include ambulatory services, such as outpatient surgery, and physician offices. At capacity, the hospital could employ more than 200 people.

What makes Three Crosses special is its resort-like feel, and its emphasis on leading-edge imaging and lab services, surgery and interventional cardiology. It is a private hospital, run more by physicians than corporate administrators. From its inception, the vision was that physicians and nurses would play a key role in operations.

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According to Robert Graor, MD, one of the visionaries responsible for the hospital's existence, there were some delays due to Covid and they have just recently reached full scale operations. Dr. Graor is a Cardiologist with more than 15 years' experience at Southern New Mexico Heart & Vascular. In addition, he is skilled in medical economics and business development.

In 2017, Dr. Graor and colleagues set out to select a vendor to provide Cardiology and Radiology PACS solutions for the new hospital. Dr. Graor was impressed by INFINITT's single database solution, which offered greater access to images across modalities and disciplines. Particularly in the surgical suite, Dr. Graor wanted access to CT, MR, Ultrasound and Cardiac Cath images simultaneously. He envisions a hybrid environment, to include robotic surgery.

The fact that David Smarro, President & CEO of INFINITT North America, acted in an advisory capacity during the planning stages for the hospital also influenced Dr. Graor's decision to go with INFINITT. He pointed out that you wouldn't get personalized attention from a top executive at one of the major competitors. With INFINITT, he can pick up the phone and call the CEO, and Dave answers. The Regional Sales Manager, Dan Wood, has been equally responsive, giving Dr. Graor a good feeling about the company.

"When you're building from nothing, there are a lot of decisions to be made, so it was great that I could use Dave as a sounding board."

When asked whether the INFINITT systems have delivered on their promise of greater image accessibility, he says yes. He says they are still working on customizing their structured reporting for Cardiology, but he is excited about the future relationship with INFINITT.

With INFINITT as their partner, Dr. Graor and his colleagues hope to take imaging to a higher level than other hospitals.

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