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Perspectum's LiverMultiScan yields promising results for identifying patients with NASH and fibrosis

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | February 24, 2021 Business Affairs

The global prevalence of NAFLD and NASH is constantly increasing, and in Japan it has tripled in the last two decades [Eguchi et al., 2020]. Although obese patients have higher prevalence, up to 30% of NAFLD/NASH patients in Japan were reported be non-obese, stressing the urgent need for early and efficient diagnostics and treatments.

This study, published in World Journal of Gastroenterology, demonstrates how, in a single non-invasive test, LiverMultiScan can safely, accurately, and cost-effectively identify which NAFLD patients have NASH as well as NASH with advanced fibrosis. High levels of inter-reader disagreement between biopsy results in this study further emphasize the need for diagnostic alternatives to biopsy and support the use of LiverMultiScan in day-to-day practice.

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About Perspectum
Perspectum delivers cutting-edge digital technologies that help clinicians provide better care for patients with liver disease, diabetes and cancer. With a strong focus on precision medicine using advanced imaging and genetics, our vision is to empower patients and clinicians through quantitative assessments of health enabling early detection, diagnosis, and targeted treatment. With a diverse team of physicians, biomedical scientists, engineers and technologists, Perspectum offers a way to manage complex health problems at scale. For more information, visit perspectum.com.

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