Laurel Bridge Software and Ultromics partnership increases accessibility to AI solutions for echocardiography

Laurel Bridge Software and Ultromics partnership increases accessibility to AI solutions for echocardiography

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 23, 2020 Artificial Intelligence Cardiology
NEWARK, Del., Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Laurel Bridge Software, a provider of software solutions that enable healthcare organizations to orchestrate their medical imaging workflows, announces a new partnership with Ultromics, a global health technology firm, which provides autonomous echocardiography analysis through innovative AI solutions.

The Laurel Bridge AI Workflow Suite (AIWS) enables the Ultromics EchoGo suite of cloud-based AI services to securely integrate into existing clinical IT systems. Laurel Bridge anonymizes and sends cardiac echo studies from the modality or archive to the EchoGo cloud-based AI server for analysis. EchoGo results are returned as an encapsulated DICOM report, re-identified, and then forwarded to PACS for review by the cardiologist and for long-term archiving. This touchless service approach allows fully automated AI solutions from Ultromics to run in the cloud without having to manage ePHI. Cardiologists achieve the benefit of advanced analysis at the point of care and IT has the peace of mind that all ePHI is securely managed. The partnership uniquely allows advanced AI solutions to rapidly be deployed more ubiquitously and with greater security.

"We are very pleased to partner with Ultromics, an innovator in the area of the clinical application of artificial intelligence in cardiac diagnosis", says Jeff Blair, President of Laurel Bridge Software. "Our role as an AI application workflow enabler is just the latest opportunity for us to benefit the medical community."

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The explosion of AI algorithms and processes in medical imaging and the need to integrate them into existing clinical imaging workflows has driven Laurel Bridge to release an AI Workflow Suite. The AI Workflow Suite can automatically identify, fetch, anonymize, and deliver current and relevant prior studies to AI algorithms, as well as reidentify and store AI algorithm results in an archive. AIWS provides:

Integration of study data between AI algorithms and clinical systems and workflows
Seamless interoperability between local facilities and cloud-based AI algorithms
Standards-based interoperability with third-party applications and clinical systems
"We are excited to partner with Laurel Bridge Software, together we will support our customers as they securely implement EchoGo into their existing infrastructure and workflow," says Amir Hasan, Chief Commercial Officer of Ultromics. "EchoGo's unique, fully automated AI solution will help cardiologists spend less time on image analysis, reduce diagnostic variability, and improve care for millions. This cloud-based solution can be rapidly deployed into hospitals and clinics."

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