EBM Technologies announces Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment app

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EBM Technologies announces Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment app

March 11, 2020
Health IT
By Trevor Bromley

EBM Technologies has announced the Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment (UDE) app, its latest mobile display solution for remote reading of radiological images.

At RSNA 2018 EBM Technologies, the Taipei-based developer of medical information solutions, displayed its Rad@ remote reading display solution, which is displayed on two iPad Pros. Rad@ was the first system of its kind to receive Class II FDA clearance in 2017 for reading radiology images.

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The UDE App, which was shown at RSNA 2019, is also displayed on a pair of iPad Pros, allows radiologists to overcome workstation size barriers and free them from traditional fixed workstations. This not only has the potential to change the way radiologists work but also increase productivity, reduce burnout, and support better collaboration. Both technologies facilitate the trend of radiologists reading outside of the hospital and the expansion of teleradiology.

The iOS-based and vendor-neutral UDE App is designed to read, store and display all DICOM files; load DICOM data transmitted directly from PACS and other modalities; and support data transmission with third-party DICOM viewers. The app is also able to manipulate, annotate and measure images with its suite of built-in tools.

EBM has embedded AI models into the app for fast screening support, and the system enables First-in First-out (FIFO), complete with customizable settings, to manage the DICOM data stored on the iPad Pros. Currently, the UDE app is FDA-approved and in the final stages of acquiring CE approval and is commercially available.

According to EBM CEO William Pan, “We are very gratified to be able to continue the momentum with UDE. We received great feedback about the UDE at RSNA and have worked hard ever since to incorporate improvements suggested by our clinical investigators and visitors at the conference. Today, the UDE app is a viable commercial product with the ability to give radiologists tremendous flexibility. We believe, based on the reaction of many experts, that UDE will make a substantial impact on radiologists’ capacities and the critical work they do.”

Dr. Ahmed El Serafi, professor of radiology, Suez Canal University in Egypt, and founder of the International Radiology Centre, assisted EBM in the clinical investigation and development of UDE. He commented, “The team set out design principals and philosophies that UDE should be a supplemental option for PACS. They wanted to provide more flexibility at all levels, including cost, setup requirements, and maintenance. UDE met many of those goals by running on iPad Pros, which has the advantages of reasonable price, smooth workflow, and simple setup. Moreover, data stored on the iPad Pros can also automatically be backed up to a cloud server. All of this is very elegant: if an iPad Pro breaks down, it can be replaced easily, and the relevant data can be downloaded from the cloud, saving significant time and cost over the PACS repair process.”

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