Ocutrx unveils ORLenz for surgery visualization technology in ARWear headset

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Ocutrx unveils ORLenz for surgery visualization technology in ARWear headset

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 10, 2019 Operating Room

"The ORLenz provides the surgeon with the immersive experience that he/she has been trained in and will allow the surgeon's full and undivided attention to rest on the patient, where it should be," said Dr. Thomas A. Finley, MD, the Chairman of the Ocutrx International Advisory Board. "The ORLenz is AR, and there is a difference between immersion and isolation. With VR, you are cut-off from what else is happening in the surgery room, while with the ORLenz, the experience is immersive, yet, you can still easily stay connected with the other physicians, technicians and equipment in the surgery room."

The ORLenz for Surgery Visualization technology introduced at AAO 2019 is a prototype, with the final version set to be available in Q2 2020 when the Oculenz ARWear headset becomes widely available for purchase. For more information about Ocutrx, the company's patented eye tracking technology and the next generation Oculenz AR glasses, please visit www.oculenz.com.

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About Ocutrx
With corporate headquarters in Irvine, California, and a research and development lab in the US Midwest, Ocutrx is a new breed of AR manufacturing company focusing on the best connected lightest weight AR headset housing the largest field-of-vision in the market. At a time when worldwide applications for easy-to-wear and easy-to-use AR solutions are being touted as the "next big thing after smartphones," Ocutrx is creating impactful, revolutionary ARWear for mass use. To learn more about Ocutrx and its ground-breaking technology, please visit the company website at www.oculenz.com.

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