KPI Healthcare acquires share of 19.8 percent from Ultrasound India

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KPI Healthcare acquires share of 19.8 percent from Ultrasound India

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KPI Healthcare
YORBA LINDA, CA, July 31, 2018 - KPI Healthcare established a 19.8% share agreement of Ultrasound India on February 2018 to improve intercontinental communication and deliver medical solutions to its clients near the Indian Ocean.

KPI Healthcare and its sister office, KPI India, has secured its medical networks as far as into Dubai, but strived for an iron grip on the Indian ultrasound market.

"We invested in Ultrasound India due to their high-quality products, probe repair technology, ultrasound refurbishment and large network distribution," said Jae Kwan Ko, KPI Healthcare's Director of Strategic Planning, "this is an opportunity to create synergy between international clients and our products; we now can promote ultrasound systems and our patient monitors at regional prices."

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KPI Healthcare and Ultrasound India now collaborate on product sales strategies, share leads in surrounding regions and promote each other's services. Ultrasound India also has access to KPI's newer product lineups from brands such as GE and Philips, as well as KPI's patient monitor brand, OPUS.

Furthermore, KPI can now provide cost-effective, high-quality ultrasound products to medical professionals and establishments in East Africa, Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

"We are utilizing each other's strengths to grow closer to our customers," said Ko, "if we work together, it's to improve customer care through direct contact."

About KPI Healthcare
KPI Healthcare is "The World's Largest Provider of Ultrasound Diagnostic" with the mission to create global medical solutions through creativity and reliability to its clients and partners.

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