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Q&A with Jason Cleckler, CEO of Delta County Memorial Hospital

por Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | December 07, 2015
From the December 2015 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

HCB News: What attracts staff to Delta Hospital?
We’re appealing due to our location. We’re in a beautiful area, with nice weather, outdoor opportunities. The community is primarily farming and ranching, with about 20 wineries in the area. It’s a rural lifestyle, low crime, low pollution, but close enough to a metropolitan area for shopping. At the hospital itself, we’re very focused on a team approach and every employee, no matter their role, has a say in where the hospital is going. Employee engagement is truly paramount to the success of the hospital. In order to improve the patient experience we need to improve the employee experience. So employee engagement and running a transparent organization has made us able to attract and retain employees.

HCB News: What is your patient mix?

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Our typical payor mix is [primarily] Medicare and Medicaid. Age range is across the board, certainly leaning toward a retirement community. But really, what we see is a mix.

HCB News: How has the ACA impacted your facility?
JC: ACA has been a mixed bag. Some things have been good for us and some have been challenging. The state of Colorado was one of the states that decided to expand Medicaid, so we have more people, and it’s been challenging providing services on the low end of reimbursement. But we’ve been proactive. We’ve been able to increase services and serve more patients. Because we’ve been proactive and doing advanced planning, we will be in a better place once we adjust.

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