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por Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | November 01, 2012
From the November 2012 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Before I get into the title of this month's letter, I want to mention something you'd be hard-pressed not to notice - November brings back our annual RSNA issue coverage. In this issue, you'll find an interesting interview with current RSNA president, Dr. George Bisset (page 37), as well as exhibitor booth previews (page 41) and products you'll get to check out at this year's show (page 32). If you won't have a chance to brave late fall in Chicago, we'll again be providing extensive coverage with daily updates online and we'll offer a show recap in January's issue of DMBN.

In other news, you may notice a new name in this issue as we welcome staff writer Nancy Ryerson to the team. Nancy tackled this month's industry sector report on chillers (page 74). Meanwhile, there have also been some additions on the personal level. Staff writer Diana Bradley is currently on maternity leave - she and her husband welcomed a son, Preston, into the world in early October. I too have a new addition with my wife delivering our daughter Eliza right in the middle of getting this issue finished up. Two years ago, I introduced Sam in the RSNA issue - there's just something about RSNA I guess!

Finally, getting to this month's title, we've introduced a new column, IT Matters. As anyone in health care knows by now, IT does matter quite a bit, and each month we'll be covering matters dealing with IT and providing interesting news and deep insight from professionals in that field. For our inaugural IT Matters column, our own Brendon Nafziger provides some interesting updates on page 26. It seems fitting that he's providing another new chapter in the history of DMBN just as he's about to start his own new chapter with DOTmed (see his and Loren's letters on the next page).

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