New Vascular Ultrasound Tables...from Biodex

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New Vascular Ultrasound Tables...from Biodex

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 21, 2011
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc., Shirley, N.Y., will introduce two new vascular imaging tables at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago, November 27 to December 2, 2011. Excitement is building at the anticipation of new advancements in medical imaging; Biodex is thrilled to be part of the driving force for bringing new products to this field.

After an extensive research and development phase, the new Vascular Ultrasound Tables are ready to meet the demands of medical imaging. "We have been working hard to broaden our product line for our customers while also being on the forefront of the latest technologies for this industry with two new tables to choose from," explained Rich Schubert, Radiology Sales for Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

The Vasc Pro Vascular Ultrasound Table can be described as the best solution for any type of long leg vascular procedure including Venous mapping, DVT, Venous ablation, PAD and many more procedures. The Vasc Pro is also an economical choice when performing vascular scanning. The table design will also help improve images by providing a 30-degree reverse Trendelenburg position. The table is considered so accommodating that it reduces the total amount of time required to achieve image quality. The 30-degree position expands lower extremity veins for maximum vessel dilation as well as faster and easier recognition of structures.

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The new Echo/Vasc Pro Vascular Ultrasound Table is the logical choice when performing vascular scanning and echocardiography, to view arteries, veins and heart chambers. The Echo/Vasc Pro provides the same convenient solutions to these procedures as the Vasc/Pro while also providing the same ergonomic benefit as our popular Echo Pro table. As always, ergonomics is the key ingredient in all Biodex Ultrasound tables. Sonographer safety and optimal imaging potential makes Biodex tables the first choice of most facilities.

Features found on the Vasc Pro and Echo/Vasc Pro:
· Height range down to 23" accommodates wheelchair transfers and those with ambulatory difficulties
· Allows seated or standing positions
· Extra-wide top with 500-lb patient capacity, suitable for bariatric patients
· Motorized height, Fowler positioning, Trendelenburgs with reverse Trendelenburg to 30-degrees
· Optional vascular scanning arm board and other accessories available

Expect the best from Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. Visit us at RSNA Chicago 2011, Booth # 8902 to see the new vascular ultrasound tables and the full line of medical imaging platforms.

For more information, contact Biodex directly at: 1 800-224-6339 (Int'l 631-924-9000), Email:, or

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