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Unfortunately the GE Pro Series System (listing #2688479) has been sold or is no longer available. Please browse the listings below to find another item that may match your search criteria.

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Probo Medical | We Buy, Repair, and Sell New and Used Ultrasound Equipment

We provide sales, service, rental, and repair for ultrasound systems, probes, and C-arms. We have the largest inventory in the world. Contact us about our special offers on certified refurbished equipment! Call: 317-759-9210 Email:

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GE Logiq 200 Pro Series Logiq 200 Pro Series For Sale

Ultrasound system with convex probe CAE 5.0 Mhz, linear probe LH 7.5 MHz, Sony printer, vg.cond. also available: GE MEDICAL Logiq a200 ultrasoundsystem with convexe abdomen probe CBF 3.5MHz,... view more

February 25

Asking Price:
€1,290 EUR


GE Logiq 400 pro series Unit For Sale

Version: 5.01 Year: 2000 Applications Radiology Urology Abdomen OB/GYN Small Parts Vascular Options CW Doppler PW Doppler Power Doppler Segmented Doppler Realtime Auto... view more

February 25

Asking Price:
$3,000 USD


GE Logiq 200 Pro Series Logiq 200 Pro Series For Sale

Ultrasound system with convex probe CBF 3.5Mhz, linear probe 7.5Mhz, Sony printer, vg.cond. yom 2003, 2005 also available GE Logiq alpha200 with two probes,... view more

February 23

Asking Price:
€1,190 EUR


GE Logiq 500 General Electric Logiq 500 Pro Series Ultrasound For Sale

Everything is in good working condition. If you are a serious buyer....... please provide instructions on what tests you want us to perform along with an offer price We'll send videos and pictures.... view more

February 12  
Roger Trudeau / RT Medical
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Aventura Medical - Providing Quality Service & Equipment Call: 877.288.2493

BVI Unit problems? BVI unit says “Calibration Due”? BVI probe won’t pick up at all? Worry no more, Aventura can solve it all! We're capable of calibrating your unit & fixing your probe! We also sell BVI units, batteries, BVI chargers & carts.

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GE Voluson 730 Pro BT02 Ultrasound System For Sale

GE Voluson 730 Pro BT02 ultrasound system OB/GYN Applications 2D/3D/4D Vision M-Mode and PW/Color/Power Doppler 4 active probe ports Compatible Probes: Voluson 730 SP4-10, SP6-12, SP10-16,... view more

February 24  

GE Voluson 730 Pro Voluson 730 Pro For Sale

YOM 2010 - color ultrasound system with 4D probe RAB4-8L, vagina probe, IC5-9H, linear probe SP6-12, DICOM, color printer and b/w printer, probes, system and printer are in TOP CONDITION YOM... view more

February 24

Asking Price:
€4,900 EUR


GE VE5 2188709 Veterinary Probe for LOGIQ 100 / Pro Ultrasound Systems ~ For Sale

Product details: Manufacturer GE Item: GE VE5 2188709 Veterinary Probe for LOGIQ 100 / Pro Ultrasound Systems Model/Cat # VE 5 Serial No. 566340YM6 Made In: USA ... view more

February 23

Asking Price:
$395 USD

Exclusive Medical Solutions- your solution to all your ultrasound demands

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GE Voluson 730 Pro/Expert For Sale

The system is used, in excellent condition. It could be equipped with convex, linear or vaginal. For any questions about the options and probes please contact.... view more

February 24  

GE Voluson 730 Pro Unit For Sale

GE Voluson 730 Pro Ultrasound Machine... view more

February 22

Asking Price:
$18,000 USD


GE Logiq S7 Pro For Sale

Available for sale GE Logiq S7 Pro YOM: 2013 SW: R1.0.5 Sony UP-898MD videoprinter included CW module Probes: convex C1-5 endocavitary IC5-9-D (optional) linear ML6-15 (optional) Device... view more

February 21  

GE Voluson 730 Pro Ultrasound System -BTO8 with RAB4-8L 4D Transducer For Sale

The GE Voluson 730 Pro ultrasound and the Expert BT08 ultrasound provide the capabilities for acquiring and constructing volumetric images in real-time; in fact, you can achieve up to 40 volumes per... view more

February 21

Asking Price:
$12,900 USD

Top preferred ultrasonic board repair service-Everest Medical

10 years experienced repair engineers team, repair Alpha 6/7/10, F31/F37/F75, Avius/Preirus, Arietta 60/70, HD11/HD15, CX50/EPIQ, Logiq P5/P6, Logiq E9/Vivid E9, X300/X700, S2000/S3000, Contact, let us help!

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GE Vivid 3 Pro Ultrasound Machine For Sale

GE Vivid 3 Pro Ultrasound Machine with 2 Probes ______________________________ Cardiac 7L Vascular 3S ________________________ 30 day Warranty _____________________ The GE Vivid 3 has... view more

February 21  

GE Logiq 200 Pro GE Logiq 200 Pro For Sale

Selling one refurbished GE Logiq 200 Pro Ultrasound. Comes with 2 Ultrasound Transducers (probes) and footswitch as well as a Magneto optical drive (640 Mb). Also includes manuals and free 30 day... view more

February 21  

GE Logiq 5 Pro For Sale

Tested by factory trained Biomedical engineers and ready for immediate... view more

February 21