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This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 13 Equipment Listings matching 'RESPIRONICS Alice 5 LE Diagnostic Sleep System Polysomnograph' on DOTmed

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  • June 10, 2019
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Specifications for RESPIRONICS Alice 5 LE Diagnostic Sleep System Polysomnograph


Item Summary for RESPIRONICS Alice 5 LE Diagnostic Sleep System Polysomnograph

Alice LE
Designed to provide all the value and affordability you want in an every-day system, without sacrificing usability.With the reliable features found in the Alice LE, you get all the needed capabilities to satisfy professional sleep testing standards.The Alice LE is simply the right product for performing routine PSGs. It’s another member of our Alice family of diagnostic sleep systems and another way we’re helping to lead the way in facilitating an appropriate diagnosis and healthy night’s sleep for patients

Respironics Alice LE Diagnostic Sleep System Features:

Fully integrated sleep laboratory system over a network cable or wireless.
Expanded channel capability to 31 total channels.
High quality ECG with six channels.
Real time impedance display.
Patient Communication/Intercom is accomplished over your network cable.
Respironics Alice 5LE Diagnostic Sleep System Specifications:

Total Channels: 31.
Analog Inputs: 8 in the Base Station.
Neurological Channels Specifications:
Number of Channels: 13 Total [6 EEG (3 left, 3 right), 2 EOG, 5 EMG]; 2 Reference.
Input Impedance: 1.66 Mohm per Electrode 3.33 differential.
Bandwith: 0.32 Hz to 106 Hz.
Input Signal Range: +/- 3.3 milliV.
Digital Resolution: 16 bits.
Sample Rate: 2000 Hz.
Max Storage Rate: 200 Hz.
Electrode Impedance Testing: 100 Hz square wave between patient electrodes.
Calibration Signal: Signal injection, 1 Hz, 98 µVpp.
Communication Interfaces: Signals sent from Patient Interface to Headbox through sensor cables. Data is sampled and sent to the Base Station where it is stored on a disk or sent through an ethernet connection to a Host PC.
During Analysis: 0.5 to 100 Hz low pass filter 50 or 60 Hz Notch filter Anti-aliasing filter.

Other Channel Types:
2 Effort: Piezo or zRIP.
2 Airflow: Thermal and Pressure Flow.
1 Body Position.
2 Actigraphy.
1 ECG.
1 Snore Mic.
System Physical Characteristics:
Main Unit:
14" x 5" x 12.5" (35.6 cm x 12.7 cm x 31.7 cm).
Weight: 7.8 lb (3.5 kg).
10" x 4" x 2" (25.4 cm x 10.2 cm x 5.1 cm).
Weight: 1.6 lb (0.72 kg).
System Power Requirements:
Power to Main Unit: 6.25 VDC, 3 to 6 Amps.
Power Supply: MW116 Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 0.5 - 1.5 A.


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