Oakland MR imagery to lead in prostate biopsy

January 29, 2021
Oakland, CA (January 27, 2021) - Promaxo, Inc. (Promaxo), the medical imaging, robotics, and AI technology company, today announced that they have received IRB approval from WCG Clinical Services. The approval will enable a multi-center feasibility study of the Promaxo MRI System for prostate biopsy guidance. Their first study site will be at the Mississippi Urology Clinic.

"We are thrilled to have secured approval from WCG Clinical Services to conduct a clinical feasibility study of prostate biopsy guidance, an integral step in progressing Promaxo's system," said Dr. Amit Vohra, Co-Founder, and CEO of Promaxo, "This study will further our advancements and comprehensive research methods - bringing us one step closer to introducing our MRI systems into physicians' offices, and ultimately, enhancing the quality of care for patients."

In addition, Promaxo welcomes Dr. John D Adams, Jr. as its newest advisory board member. Dr. Adams is a urologist at Mississippi Urology Clinic and also serves as a member of several respected industry organizations. The impressive roster of activities Dr. Adams brings forth includes CEO of Lamina Solutions, LLC, Finance Board member of the Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi, Chief of Urology at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center(ex-officio) and Clinical Instructor for University of Mississippi Medical Center's Surgical Residency Program.

"Having focused my career on being an active private practice urologist, I have seen first-hand how crucial it is to develop and deliver accessible strategies within prostate interventional protocols," said Dr. Adams, "I am excited to join Promaxo as an advisor at such a pivotal time in its development."

Dr. Amit Vohra, Co-Founder, and CEO of Promaxo said of Dr. Adams joining the board: "Dr. Adams has been at the center of advocating for patient-centric approaches when it comes to prostate disease management. As an established and experienced innovator within his field, he will play a critical role in helping to advance Promaxo's commercialization efforts for our MRI platform in urology."

Promaxo's recent closing of its $4.17M series B-2 funding round coupled with the IRB approval, positions the pioneering MRI company with promising growth as it looks to continue elevating the standard of care for prostate disease treatment.

About Promaxo, Inc.
Promaxo was founded by a team of entrepreneurs and healthcare innovators to develop a minimally-invasive and patient-centric MRI and robotic platform. Based in Oakland, California, and backed by over 60 patents, the company's mission is to improve lives through state-of-the-art medical imaging, robotics and AI capabilities. With a compact and adaptable MRI, Promaxo is redefining the standard of care by improving the quality and speed of patient screening and interventions. The Company has formed numerous long-term and strategic partnerships with investor groups as it prepares to enter the US market.