The Coronavirus

January 22, 2020
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
This Coronavirus is a real problem in my opinion.

It is bad enough that there is an illness that is contagious and spreads, but when you add into the mix that people can travel around the world, that makes it even worse.

Someone flying from China to Germany on their way to New York, stops at an airport in Munich to change planes. They touch the door to the restroom where an Italian business person becomes infected, and when he lands at Rome, has a business meeting with North Americans living in Vancouver. That person and his wife are now infected.

They fly through Miami on their way home and they are in the airport lounge where they pass on the disease to some school children who are enjoying spring break, and when they fly home to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the next thing you know, seven people in Cedar Rapids are infected.

It really is insidious.

My wife constantly reminds me to wash my hands and get plenty of rest. Washing your hands is easy, but getting lots of rest is more difficult because all of us are working twice as hard as we ever did.

I encourage you to do exactly that: wash your hands, get plenty of rest so that you have good resistance and let's all cross our fingers.

I hope that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can get their hands around this problem.