A big change at HealthCare Business News

January 18, 2017
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
I double dog dare you to click on our news home button. When you do, you will see that our HealthCare Business Daily News page has changed for the better.

We have now fully implemented our 16 topic silos. If you are just interested in oncology, you can click on the Oncology Silo, (you can even customize your news to receive the Daily News Digest whenever new oncology articles are published).

The silo pages don't just have daily news articles. On the Oncology Silo you'll see we've also got a list of relevant press releases, the Most Read Oncology Stories, and a direct link to our September magazine, which focuses on oncology.

The same is true for all of the other silos:

MRI, Ultrasound, Molecular Imaging, X-Ray, Cardiology, Health IT, Business Affairs, Parts & Service, Operating Room, CT, Women's Health, Proton Therapy, Endoscopy, HTMs and Mobile Imaging.

Why did we do this? There are several reasons:

First, our readers asked for it — and it is easy to see why.

Second, we now have so many news stories, so many press releases and so much going on in each of our categories that it was the logical thing to do.

You can still go to our news homepage and see the latest and greatest news across the industry but I think you will agree it is presented in a cleaner and easier to read way.

All of this is the brainchild of Gus Iversen, our Daily News Editor. He and his team have done a great job and more than doubled our news traffic through excellent coverage and now he has organized things in a better way.

Please enjoy.