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Anaerobic Chamber Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

br vocab="" typeof="Product"> This Base support stand was original to a Don Whitley Anaerobic Chamber we recently sold. It is 61.5" long x 30" deep x 32" tall and has a lower hinged door cabinet.... view more

September 12

Asking Price:
$729 USD

September 12

Asking Price:
$100 USD


LERNER LABORATORIES Fume-Gard Exhaust Blower Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

This blower comes equipped a charcoal vapor filter (#906) and is 130 VAC powered. It works well despite being 15to 20 years old. American buyers will pay only what they pay on purchase. No added... view more

September 11

Asking Price:
$100 USD


ALNOR TSI Electronic Balometer with APM 150 Meter Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

Storage #A11 Functional Condition: Unit came from a working environment and is tested and is working properly. Cosmetic Condition: Equipment does show signs of use but is in overall good... view more

September 07

Asking Price:
$875 USD

Zach Dolan / Sudden Supply Medical
phone: +1 (330) 529-4021

BIOQUELL Microflow peroxide Biosafety cabinet Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

Used device, in working condition. A range of suitable and standardised decontamination protocols exist for the decontamination of different types and makes of safety cabinets including both... view more

September 06  
Nikolaus Rozbicki / MELADE GMBH
phone: +49 4915163125091


MICROFLOW CLASS I MICROBIOLOGICAL SAFETY CABINET The Class I Microbiological Safety Cabinet - en12469 2000 definition: Safety cabinet with a front aperture through which the operator can carry... view more

September 03  

ESCO The Airstream Ductless Fume Cabinet Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

Ductless fume cabinets provide operator and environment protection from toxic vapours, gases and fumes. The inflow moves from the ambient environment into the work zone through the cabinet front... view more

September 03  

AIRCLEAN 1000 Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

Item# 10781, Fume Hood Workstation....Looking for Best Reasonable... view more

August 31  

TECHGEN BSC-EN 2-3 Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

This biosafety cabinet Techgen is in very good condition and sold as is (working condition). Serial number: 217. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be glad to answer... view more

August 30  
Caroline Mendy / Vitam Dare
phone: +33 0237902168

GERMFREE LABORATORIES BBF-4C15BR2357 Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

This is a four foot (4') hood without a stand in good condition. Our price is $800.00 or a reasonable... view more

August 25  
Nancy M. Mills / Mid-America Medical
phone: +1 (901) 756-1968
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LABCONCO Fume Absorber Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

Labconco Fume Absorber -Excellent condition Catalog No: 3955200 Contact us for more pictures or for video of this specific item! ~Thank you for your interest~ All medical supplies,... view more

August 24

Asking Price:
$500 USD

Keith Paterson / DCSP Medical
phone: +1 (440) 479-4451

THE BAKER COMPANY EG-6320 EdgeGard Fume/Bio Safety Hood For Sale

The Baker Company EdgeGard EG-6320 in Good condition. Tested and works great! RICHARDSON MED EQUIP. Is a used medical equipment wholesaler. We do not service or refurbish any of the items that... view more

August 15

Asking Price:
$1,500 USD