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February 21

Asking Price:
$350 USD


KINEMATICA POLYTRON PT10/35 Homogenizer Rotator/Mixer/Rocker For Sale

Item # 228235, 2930163 Title: Kinematica Polytron PT10/35 Homogenizer Mixer Manufacturer: Kinematica Model: Polytron PT10/35 Description: Homogenizer Mixer Quantity: 2 Item Location: NC... view more

February 19

Asking Price:
$250 USD
$225 USD (10% Off)

February 19

Asking Price:
$325 USD


BOEKEL Rocker II 260350 Rotator/Mixer/Rocker For Sale

Boekel Rocker II 260350 Platform Rocker *Parts* Serial # 053203577 Description: The Boekel Rocker II platform rocker is designed for gel staining and destaining; Northern, Southern and... view more

February 19

Asking Price:
$50 USD


HEIDOLPH TITRAMAX 1000 Platform Shaker Rotator/Mixer/Rocker For Sale

The Titramax 1000 is a medium-sized model and accepts load capacities of 5 kg. User can set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the analog control knob from 150 to 1,350 rpm. The 1.5-mm... view more

February 19  

VWR variable speed Mini Vortexer Rotator/Mixer/Rocker For Sale

This mixer appears in good overall condition. It has no apparent issues and uses 115 VAC. It came out of a government lab without a tube head/plate. There are various heads and plates available... view more

February 19

Asking Price:
$85 USD


SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTS S8220 Tube Rotator/Mixer/Rocker For Sale

This is a well used lab bench tube mixer which can be touch activated or left on continuously. It has scratches and chips in its paint all over, but no cracks or other serious damage. The speed... view more

February 19

Asking Price:
$35 USD


VORTEX VORTEXER 2 with tray Rotator/Mixer/Rocker For Sale

FREE SHIPPING to Canada and the USA with PayPal, VISA & MasterCard payment. Overseas shipping available on request. This is a standard vortexer with a 6" diameter round tray on top. It can be... view more

February 19

Asking Price:
$99 USD