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PROCYON P2000 Pupillometer For Sale

Item # 236777 Title: Procyon P2000 Pupillometer Manufacturer: Procyon Model: P2000 Description: Pupillometer Quantity: 1 Item Location: MN Warehouse Over All Condition Good (Please view... view more

January 16

Asking Price:
$600 USD


OASIS Colvard Pupillometer For Sale

You are buyding on a used Oasis Colvard pupillometer that if fully functional. Comes with 90-day money back warranty.... view more

January 15

Asking Price:
$395 USD


NEUROPTICS Infrared 59001 Pupillometer For Sale

The unit is fully functional (measures scotopic, low and high mesopic). comes with charging cradle, power supply and 2 new batteries (one installed).... view more

January 15

Asking Price:
$1,850 USD


BURTON Digital PD Meter Pupillometer For Sale

Burton LLD Digital PD Meter Pupillometer Contact us for more pictures or for video of this specific item! ~Thank you for your interest~ All medical supplies, instruments, and or equipment... view more

January 10

Asking Price:
$195 USD

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NEW VISION PD Meter Pupillometer For Sale

Used to measure distance between human pupils in the process of... view more

January 10  

NEW VISION HX-400 Pupillometer For Sale

PD Meter is a digital precision optical instrument used to measure distance between human pupils in the process of optometry. MAIN TECHNICAL INDEXES Range of measurement:Binocular pupillary... view more

January 10  

GULDEN OPHTHALMICS Digital Pupillometer For Sale

The Gulden Digital Pupilometer with Vertex Distance provides ease of use along with accuracy for measuring pupil distance. This easy to use corneal reflection alignment system has digital high... view more

January 09

Asking Price:
$249 USD


REICHERT PDM Pupillometer For Sale

The Reichert PDM Digital PD Meter utilizes the latest technology for measuring interpupillary distance and right/left pupil-to-nose distance. The PDM is ergonomic design, smooth action, and... view more

January 09  


Used, very good technical condition, French production, Power supply: 2x AA battery, analog, Smooth measurement for distance and near (without algorithmic compensation), PD measurement range:... view more

January 08  

NEUROPTICS NPi 100 Pupillometer For Sale

NeurOptics NPi 100 Automated Handheld Pupillometer w Printer & Warranty Thank you for viewing our listing for this NeurOptics Handheld Pupillometer. Includes: Carrying Case Charging Dock... view more

January 07  

ESSILOR corneal reflection pupillometer Pupillometer For Sale

Essior Corneal Reflection Pupilometer Monocular and binocular PD measurements for all distances between 35 cm and infinity In case of abnormal patient’s binocular vision, monocular PD can be... view more

January 01  

TOWO 89 Pupillometer For Sale

New digital pupilometer. Looks and works like the Essilor but half the price.... view more

December 23

Asking Price:
$325 USD


HILCO PDB 08 Pupillometer For Sale

Digital pupilometer. In good condition.... view more

December 23

Asking Price:
$100 USD


KODAK BRT-II Pupillometer For Sale

Digital pupilometer. Refurbished and in good working... view more

December 23

Asking Price:
$200 USD


ESSILOR Digital Pupillometer For Sale

Essilor Pupilometer refurbished. Runs on 2 AA batteries.... view more

December 23

Asking Price:
$325 USD