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REICHERT S4Optik Model 90 Lensometer For Sale

S4OPTIK Model 90 Lensmeter has improved the standard lensmeter for optical labs: the B&L Model 70 lensmeter. Built to high standards like the model 70, the S4OPTIK Model 90 lensmeter will feel, act... view more

October 18  

TOMEY TL-5000 Lensometer For Sale

Measurement •Range ◦Sphere: +25 D ◦Cylinder: ±10 D ◦Axis: 0 ~ 180 ° ◦Addition: -2 ~ 10 D ◦Prism: 0 ~ 10 Δ •Increment ◦Diopter: 0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25 D ◦Prism: 0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25 Δ •Mode... view more

October 18  

TOMEY TL-3000C Lensometer For Sale

For opticians, vision test equipment in their clinics are objects that their customers enjoy seeing. This definitely includes lensmeters, so they should be attractive devices. TOMEY believes the... view more

October 18  

TOMEY TL-100 Lensometer For Sale

Measurement •Range ◦Sphere: +25 D ◦Cylinder: ±9.99 D ◦Axis: 0 ~ 180 ° ◦Addition: 0 ~ 9.99 D ◦Prism: 0 ~ 9.99 Δ •Increment ◦Diopter: 0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25 D ◦Prism: 0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25 Δ ... view more

October 18  

REICHERT AL200 Lensometer For Sale

The AL200 is the only auto lensometer that utilizes a horizontal design, similar to the manual lensmeters that many users are accustomed to. Objective Measurements The AL200 is designed to... view more

October 18  

REICHERT AL700 Lensometer For Sale

The Reichert® AL700 Auto Lensometer® offers a fast and easy way to accurately measure all lenses including: Single Vision, Bi-focal, Progressive, and Prism. Automatic measurements can be taken... view more

October 18  

REICHERT ML1 Lensometer For Sale

The Reichert ML1 Manual Lensometer enables you to measure a variety of lenses accurately including single vision, bifocal and contact lenses. LED Illuminated Target The ML1 is LED light source... view more

October 18  
October 18  

HUMPHREY LA 350 Lensometer For Sale

The Highly sought after Humphrey Lens Analyzers Model 350 provides the most comprehensive lensometry for your practice. Easy to operate and simple to use; the Humphrey Lens Analyzer (LA) gives fast... view more

October 18  
October 18

Asking Price:
$850 USD


MARCO Nidek Lensometer For Sale

Marco/Nidek LM-850 Refurbished and in great working... view more

October 18

Asking Price:
$1,295 USD


OFTAS ONE Lensometer For Sale

Lensmeter Oftas One - automatic progressive lens - sferical map - pd - blue light - uv light - touch screen - wireless connection 3 year warranty Listing price 2.100 now offering at... view more

October 18

Asking Price:
€1,250 EUR

Raffaello Comparato / Oftas
phone: +39 39336243853

TOPCON LM P-5 Lensometer For Sale

This TOPCON LM P5 Lensometer is in great condition and ready for work. Guaranteed to arrive in good working condition or may be returned within seven days for a full refund. Price reduced to $750.... view more

October 18

Asking Price:
$750 USD


INAMI L-4550 Lensometer For Sale

Lensometer INAMI Japan Good working condition. Immediately available. Located in the Czech Republic Price is ex our warehouse, without transport, taxes, crating. The crating and transport... view more

October 17

Asking Price:
€200 EUR

Lukas Pleyer / SoTrade s.r.o.
phone: +420 606943539

BAUSCH AND LOMB 21-65-70 (model 70) LENSOMETER / VERTOMETER Lensometer For Sale

LENSOMETER / VERTOMETER: *Used, in good condition. Light works but access cover is missing, also no eyepiece present. For more info see:... view more

October 16

Asking Price:
$195 USD