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VERATHON BVI 9400 BladderScan B-Scan For Sale

Item # 231000, 233330, 233401, 233332, 233373, 235165, 243191, 248359 Title: Verathon BVI 9400 BladderScan Manufacturer: Verathon Model: BVI 9400 Description: BladderScan Quantity: 9 Item... view more

September 16

Asking Price:
$800 USD


VERATHON BVI 3000 0570-0090 BladderScan B-Scan For Sale

Item # 220099, 220121, 230411, 233306, 234443, 234507, 2848072, 233703, 239706, 239417, 239898, 239705, 238870, 238871,242944, 240910, 247905, 248492, 252975 Title: Verathon BVI 3000 0570-0090... view more

September 16

Asking Price:
$470 USD


LABORIE MD-6000 Portascan 3D B-Scan For Sale

Item # 238879, 238874, 250737 Title: Laborie MD-6000 Portascan 3D Bladder Scanner Manufacturer: Laborie Model: MD-6000 Portascan 3D Description: Bladder Scanner Quantity: 3 Item Location:... view more

September 15

Asking Price:
$620 USD


CUBESCAN BioCon-700 Portable B-Scan For Sale

Item # 233706, 241776 Title: Cubescan BioCon-700 Portable Bladder Scanner Manufacturer: Cubescan Model: BioCon-700 Description: Portable Bladder Scanner Quantity: 2 Item Location: MD... view more

September 15

Asking Price:
$1,600 USD


SONOMED NEW B-5500 EZ A/B Scan Ultrasound B-Scan For Sale

NEW SONOMED EZ Scan AB-5500+ B-Scan. NOT SALE TAX, ONLY IN FLORIDA 6 MONTHS WARRANTY ONLY IN US. Shipping is only to the lower 48 states, international buyers are welcome as long as you... view more

September 15

Asking Price:
$9,500 USD

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TOMEY UD-6000 B-Scan For Sale

We are offer a TOMEY UD-6000 A/B-Scan in refurbished Condition. Comes with 6 month warranty Included: B-Probe A-Probe Footpedal User manual Video Printer (optional) Features: - The... view more

September 15  

NIDEK US-2500 B-Scan For Sale

Recently refurbished Nidek EchoScan US-2500 digital B scan High resolution B-scan. Selectable gain curve (log, linear and S-curve). Four partial images of the specific areas. US-2500 can be... view more

September 15  

VERATHON BVI 9400 0570-0190 B-Scan For Sale

Item # 248052, 245358, 245357, 250636, 248959, 250767, 250768, 250740, 250739, 250741 Title: Verathon BVI 9400 0570-0190 BladderScan Manufacturer: Verathon Model: BVI 9400 0570-0190 ... view more

September 14

Asking Price:
$710 USD


GE Portascan+ PA-00253 B-Scan For Sale

Item # 237366 Title: GE Portascan+ PA-00253 Bladder Scanner Manufacturer: GE Model: Portascan+ PA-00253 Description: Bladder Scanner Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC Warehouse Over All... view more

September 14

Asking Price:
$950 USD


PARADIGM P37 A B-Scan For Sale

Item # 206654 Title: PARADIGM P37 A / B Scan Workstation Manufacturer: PARADIGM Model: P37 A / B Description: A / B Scan Workstation Quantity: 1 Item Location: MN Warehouse Over All... view more

September 14

Asking Price:
$2,500 USD



Turn any PC into a B-Scan device capable of high-resolution ultrasonic imaging Requires USB 2.0 Interface The Mobile B-Scan is MMD’s portable and extremely versatile ultrasound device. This... view more

September 14

Asking Price:
$6,500 USD


SONOMED MV5600 B-Scan For Sale

The Master-Vu B-Scan represents the latest generation in portability and flexibility, providing a USB probe and exclusive Sonomed Escalon software to turn any laptop computer into a B-scan (certain... view more

September 14  

REICHERT Reflex B-Scan For Sale

Ocular ultrasonography is an important adjunct for the clinical assessment of various ocular and orbital diseases The Reichert Reflex™ Ultrasound Bio-Microscope enables operators to easily image the... view more

September 14  

DGH TECHNOLOGIES 8000 Scanmate B-Scan For Sale

The DGH Technology, Inc. Scanmate B-Scan (DGH8000) uses the most advanced ultrasound technology available. The Scanmate is a self- contained, portable, multiple mode ultrasound imaging system. When... view more

September 14

Asking Price:
$5,995 USD


ACCUTOME B-Scan Plus B-Scan For Sale

The B-Scan Plus’ proprietary software combined with unique probe electronics make it the only portable High Definition B-Scan. While developing the B-Scan Plus software, Accutome visited many of the... view more

September 14