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FUJINON EC-250WM Enteroscope For Sale

FUJINON EC-250WM Enteroscope Description: Brand Name: FUJINON Model: EC-250WM we also provide repair service,if you have any issue,please don't hesitate to email us We have a large number of... view more

November 16  

PENTAX VSB-3430K Enteroscope For Sale

Pentax Enteroscope, #VSB-3430K. Has a 2200 mm insertion tube length and a 3.8 mm channel. Good condition and ready to ship. Pentax processors... view more

November 15  
November 10

Asking Price:
$1,350 USD


OLYMPUS SIF-Q140 Enteroscope For Sale

Call or e-mail us directly - All of our units have been tested and are in excellent working and cosmetic condition. All of our equipment comes with a standard 30 day warranty unless... view more

November 08  

FUJINON EN-450T5 Enteroscope For Sale

Great cosmetic and functioning condition! We also have a couple double Balloon pumps in stock... view more

November 05

Asking Price:
$3,500 USD


OLYMPUS SIF-Q180 Enteroscope For Sale

Completely refurnished and patient... view more

November 05

Asking Price:
$6,000 USD


OLYMPUS 240 260 Enteroscope Wanted

We want to buy a large number of CCDs for Olympus Gastroscope (GIF-XQ240 GIF-H260), Olympus Colonoscope (CF-240I CF-H260AI). If you have one, please contact... view more

October 25  
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