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ALOKA SSD-1400 Shared Service For Sale

Basic Aloka SSD-1400 in good condition with 3 excellent transducers. - S/N: MO0620 - CRT monitor, model IP-1235V - 3 transducers: UST-9101-7.5 Convex / UST-5524-5 Linear / UST-990-5 Convex -... view more

June 11

Asking Price:
€1,650 EUR


PHILIPS HD3 Shared Service For Sale

Good working system. YOM: 2008 Incl. 2 probes: C5-2 & L9-5 Incl. Sony printer... view more

June 11  

SIEMENS Sequoia 512 Shared Service For Sale

Siemens Sequoia 512 Ultrasound System DOM: 2002 SW REV: 12.23 Shared Service System Included probes: 4V1 (See pic for condition, Appears to be ok Air Scan) 6L3 (Good Condition, Good Air Scan) ... view more

June 11  

PHILIPS HD15 Shared Service For Sale

2009 Philips HD15 Shared Service Applications: OB-GYN/Cardiac Transducers: C5-2 Convex L12-3 Linear S5-2 Cardiac Phased... view more

June 11  

GE Logiq P9 Shared Service For Sale

2018 GE Logiq P9, R2 (like new) YOM: 2018-10 Convex C1-5-RS Linear L6-12-RS Cardiac 3Sc-RS BW printer with CW Doppler. Inventory No.... view more

June 11  

TOSHIBA Artida Shared Service For Sale

Toshiba Aplio Artida with CW convex PVT-375BT linear PLT-704AT cardio PST-25BT cardio PST-25SX BW printer ... view more

June 11  

SONOSITE Micromaxx Shared Service For Sale

Sonosite MicroMAXX Convex C60e/5-2 Linear HFL38/13-6 Cardio P17/5-1 with trolley BW printer Modes: CPD, DCPD, ECG, M, PW, THI, CW Color, DICOM-PS, MWL, DPLX, EOBC, Clips,... view more

June 11  

GE LOGIQ V5 Expert Shared Service For Sale

GE Logiq V5 Expert MFG: 2019-06 4C-RS Convex Probe L6-12-RS Linear Probe 3Sc-RS Cardio Probe Brand... view more

June 11  

PHILIPS Hd 15 Shared Service For Sale

Philips HD15 Hardware Revision B Software: 3.0.2 YOM: 201311 Convex C6-3 Linear L12-5 Linear L12-3 Cardio S5-2 BW & Color... view more

June 11  

HITACHI ARIETTA60 Shared Service For Sale

HItachi ARIETTA60 Sector  S211(1~5MHz) BW printer *without CW... view more

June 11  

GE Logiq S8 Shared Service For Sale

2012 GE Logiq S8 with CW R1.5.4 Convex C1-5-D Linear ML6-15-D Cardio M5S-D BW... view more

June 11  

GE LOGIQ S7 Expert Shared Service For Sale

GE LOGIQ S7 Expert with CW R1 Convex C1-5-D (2014) Linear   11L-D (2014) Cardio    3Sp-D (2015) Active Options: Dicom, AutoMT, BFlow, CW Doppler... view more

June 11

Asking Price:
$18,900 USD


GE Logiq P3 Shared Service For Sale

GE Logiq P3 MFG: 2013 Convex 4C Linear 11L BW printer Active Option: Basic REv1... view more

June 11

Asking Price:
$4,500 USD


TOSHIBA Xario 100 TUS-X100 Shared Service For Sale

Toshiba/Canon Xario 100 TUS-X100 Convex PVU-375BT YOM: 2016... view more

June 11

Asking Price:
$12,800 USD


GE Logiq P6 Shared Service For Sale

GE LOGIQ P6 (no CW) (2011, R3.0.5, BT11) Convex 4C Linear 11L BW Printer Active Options: Basic, CrossBeam Inventory Code: 71353... view more

June 11