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April 07

Asking Price:
$95 USD


GE Precision 500d Rad/Fluoro Room Wanted

Must be up and running in a clinic or hospital for inspection. Not removed.... view more

April 06  

GE LEGACY Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

RADIOGRAPHIC/FLUOROSCOPY ROOM model GE LEGACY. Year: 2001 Including digital spot for fluoroscopy. 80 kW High Frequency Generator SCPU, Legacy 90/90 Tilting R/F Table, GE DRS 3.2 Digital system... view more

April 06  


We are looking to buy any true GE DR Radiographic and Fluoroscopy DR room from GE. Needs to be born a true DR Radiographic and Fluoroscopy system, NO upgrades. Ready to buy. Must be located in... view more

April 06 Digital X-ray & Portables In Stock Now Tested & Certified

For 28 years RSTI has provided the best X-ray training. offers Tested & staged pre-owned X-ray equipment so you can be sure our equipment is the finest the market has to offer. Call today 800-299-7784

DOTmed Certified

ANEXA OMNI Digital X-ray room Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

ANEXA / SYNERAD model OMNI DIGITAL X-RAY ROOM from year 2006 New Detector installed in 2010. 17x17 single Selenium Detector. Includes OTC overhead tube crane with Collimator, Wall Bucky,... view more

April 06  

MITAYA MFG.CO B1101LN Anti-Scatter Grid Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

MITAYA B1101LN ANTI-SCATTER GRID This is a new anti-scatter grid that is still in the original packaging. Interspacer: AL Overall Size: 438 x 479.5 MM Line/Inch: 43 L/CM Grid Ratio: 10:1... view more

April 06  

SHIMADZU Fluoromax 300 Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Radiology - R/F Equipment Guide > X-Ray Image Intensifier Models > SHIMADZU Fluoromax 300 We have a recently removed Shimadzu Fluoromax 300 x ray system in stock in good working order. ... view more

April 06

Asking Price:
$12,995 USD


SIEMENS Siregraph Top 33 Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Siemens Siregrpah Top 33 for sale as a lot with the following parts available: -Siemens model number 5290601G65455 -Siemens model number 5289025 G5455 -Siemens model number 5289033 G5455 ... view more

April 06  

TOSHIBA ultimax i Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

TOSHIBA UNTIMAX-i  OCT. 2014YR  DREXU180  TUBE: DRX6645GD H1  Please see attached  Will be deinstalled by the end of Feb  Location: JAPAN... view more

April 06  


2002 Siemens Axiom Sireskop SD R/F Room Table: 90/15 Tilt Overhead Tube Crane Original Tube Professionally De-installed from a complete working environment. Located in our Miami wraehouse.... view more

April 05  

PHILIPS MultiDiagnost Eleva Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva YOM 2004 System is in full working order. It has been tested and professionally de-installed. World wide shipping available. Contact us for more details and... view more

April 04  

PHILIPS MultiDiagnost Eleva FD Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Available for sale Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva FD SW: 5.2.2 (2010 update) Generator type: 100KW Philips View Forum Tube model: SRM 0608 ROT GS 505 P/N 989000080201 Tube YOM: 2008 Table... view more

April 04  

GE Advantx Legacy Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

GE Advantx Legacy R/F Room 2000 GE Bucky PN 45432330 GE Image Intensifier PN 46-275382 G58 32CM Digital GE Legacy Table PN 2258627 GE ISFD Spot Film Device PN 2118104... view more

April 04  

SIEMENS SIRESKOP SX Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Siemens Sireskop SX R/F Room Optitop 150/40/80HC-100 Model No. 3345209 X1953... view more

April 04