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CPI INDICO 100 RAD X-Ray Generator For Sale

Year: 2006 CPI Digital Radiographic Generator. Model INDICO 100 RAD 80KW. Model VZW 2930RD3-39. Power is 3Phase 480 Volts. Available now in our warehouse. PRICE: Please call for... view more

October 28  

SIEMENS POLYDOROS SX65 X-Ray Generator For Sale

SIEMENS Generator model POLYDOROS SX65 from year 2004. For spare parts ONLY. In stock. Please call for part... view more

October 28  

GE Silhouette VR X-Ray Generator For Sale

For Sale GE Jedi 50R 1T Model # 2212259-2 480V Ready to Ship Ex Warehouse Best Offer ... view more

October 26  

FUJI Carbon XL X-Ray Generator For Sale

Fuji created the FCR Carbon digital x-ray series based on feedback from thousands of users. What did they say? Reduce the system’s footprint. Make image previews quicker. Create a means to support... view more

October 26

Asking Price:
$7,500 USD

October 26

Asking Price:
$1,300 USD


CURON MEDICAL Stretta S400 Radiofrequency X-Ray Generator For Sale

Item # 222947 Title: Curon Medical Stretta S400 Radiofrequency Generator Manufacturer: Curon Medical Model: Stretta S400 Description: Radiofrequency Generator Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC... view more

October 25

Asking Price:
$600 USD

October 25  

GE OEC UroView T13 X-Ray Generator For Sale

Up for your consideration we have a: GE OEC UroView T13 X-RAY CONTROL!T13 Is where the item is stored in our warehouse. Means nothing besides that. Thanks for looking. Have a blessed day:) ... view more

October 24

Asking Price:
$1,700 USD


ADIANA (RF) FA00701 Radiofrequency X-Ray Generator For Sale

Item # 165035 Title:Adiana Radiofrequency Generator FA00701 Manufacturer:Adiana Description:Radiofrequency Generator FA00701 Quantity: 1 Item Location: MD Warehouse Over All Condition Good... view more

October 23

Asking Price:
$350 USD


SEDECAL SHF-635 X-Ray Generator For Sale

For Sale Sedecal SHF-635 for sale Good working unit. Pulled of Urology Room. Includes: Cables, Console and generator COMPLETE> Two Systems... view more

October 23  

UNIVERSAL XMA 325 X-Ray Generator For Sale

XMA 325 Single Phase Generator Includes: High Voltage Tank Cables and Tube... view more

October 23

Asking Price:
$1,000 USD


SEDECAL 2010 SHF-535 GENERATOR X-Ray Generator For Sale

2010 sedecal generator, transformer , console, inter connecting cable and manuals. excellent... view more

October 23  

CPI Indico 100 65 kW X-Ray Generator For Sale

CPI Generator Series : Indico 100 R/F 65KW Mod: VZW2930FC3-09 P/N: 736668-79 S/N: AM1855B3 MFG: Feb 2003 3 Phase 480 VAC *Includes Indico 100 Console... view more

October 23  

SIEMENS Polydoros LX 30/50 X-Ray Generator Wanted

Looking for working condition Siemens polydoros lx 30/50 D220... view more

October 22  

UNIVERSAL Unimax II 325 X-Ray Generator For Sale

1991 Unimax II 325 generator package with tube and cables Make an offer Great for a second office or inexpensive replacement Plus... view more

October 22  
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