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Diagnostix Plus - Trade In Offer On Your Old SPECT Cardiology System

Trade in your non performing SPECT cardiology system for a high return PET camera. Reliable SPECT, PET & PET/CT systems at a fraction of the cost of new. Call Diagnostix Plus @ 201-530-5505 www.Diagplus.com

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Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment 1-866-682-6331

SPECT, SPECT/CT, PET, PET/CT & CT equipment available from all major OEM manufacturers. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified in sales, repair, refurbishment, installation, service 24/7 support. Call 1-866-682-6331 or sales@ttgimagingsolutions.com.




GE Discovery STE 16 PET/CT For Sale

2004 GE DISCOVERY 16 PET CT—MXR100972 Install date was 7/2/2004 Removal date is set for 7/6/2020 OPTIONS: ----------------------------- • Connect Pro Permanent • VolumeViewer Permanent... view more

September 21  

SIEMENS Biograph 6 PET/CT For Sale

Siemens Biograph PET/CT 6 Slice Cardiac Optin: YES YOM:2006 Tube YOM: 2012 Tube Type: Dura 422 Tube Usage: 536K SS... view more

September 21  

GE Discovery ST 8 PET/CT For Sale

2009 GE Discovery ST 8 PET/CT (A-012203) Goldseal Discovery ST 8 PET/CT With Dimension Console G DAS8 CT Detector Gantry rotations 674350 Tube GE Performix installed 09 OCT 2008 as part of... view more

September 21  

SIEMENS Biograph 16 PET/CT For Sale

Pre-Owned Siemens Biograph 16 PET/CT Scanner. Manufactured in 2004; Dura 532 X-Ray Tube; X-Ray Tube approx. 510k scan seconds; Workstation: Syngo Acquisition Workplace - ICS Tower 10B; Workstation:... view more

September 21  

Marquis Medical - Experts in SIEMENS & GE PET & PET/CT Service & Parts

Our engineers are trained strictly on Siemens & GE PET to Guarantee an expert on all service calls. Our large inventory of PET & PET/CT systems & parts allows us to provide a TRUE Turn-key solution. Ph:866-645-7457

DOTmed Certified

SIEMENS Biograph Horizon 16 Slice PET/CT For Sale

Pre-Owned Siemens Biograph “Horizon” 16 Slice PET/CT Scanner. Manufactured in 2019; Software Version: VJ21C; X-Ray Tube approx. 161k slices; Mobile Injector; Currently Installed and Operational;... view more

September 21  

SIEMENS Biograph 40 PET/CT For Sale

Pre-Owned Siemens Biograph 40 PET/CT Scanner. Manufactured in 2006; Software Version: VB20B; Detector Rows: 40; Straton X-Ray Tube installed Feb. 11, 2016; X-Ray Tube approx. 363k scan sec.; X-Ray... view more

September 21  

GE Discovery PET/CT For Sale

Pre-Owned GE Discovery 4 Slice PET/CT Scanner. Manufactured in 2005; 2019 X-RayTube; Workstation: Xeleris; Software Version: 1.0; Included: CT Phanton, Dose Calibator, Well Counter; Currently... view more

September 21  

SIEMENS Biograph 6 PET/CT Wanted

We are looking for an operational Siemens Biograph 6 scanner that can be available within 30 days. We will deinstall and remove. Other Biograph 16 or higher maybe accepted. Ready to... view more

September 21  
phone: +1 (847) 550-9990

We sell Fixed and Mobile PET and PET/CT Scanners

Siemens and GE PET/CT for less-- Fixed and Mobile projects-- from 2-Slices to 64-Slices. Call today 800-722-3646. Or email us at INFO@INTEGRITYMED.COM

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Pre-Owned Philips Gemini TOF 16 W PET/CT (2007) System DOM: July 2007 Tube installation: Around 2010-2011 but was not heavily used as there were 2 PET/CTs in same department. The tube, as of last... view more

September 21  

SIEMENS Inveon PET/CT For Sale

2010 Siemens PET/CT for sale in Minnesota Buyer is responsible for de-installation and removal Contact me for pricing. Available... view more

September 21  

SIEMENS Biograph 16 PET/CT For Sale

2007 Siemens Biograph 16 PET/CT w/2012 Upgrade. Available December 2021. Looking For Offers ASAP. Currently In Use. Available For Inspection. Tube Type; Dura_ 532. New Tube Replaced ; June 2021.... view more

September 20  

PHILIPS Ingenuity TF 64 PET CT scanner PET/CT For Sale

New (Dec 2019 make) Philips Ingenuity TF 64 PET CT scanner Never been used. Still in original boxes. Warranty from Philips is transferable. Installation service... view more

September 20  

A. Imaging Solutions is a ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Ranked one of the best brokers in the industry. 100% Quality Guarantee when you do business with A. Imaging Solutions. Call Today 205-823-7907.

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SIEMENS Biograph 6 PET/CT For Sale

2005 Model. Installed by Siemens refurbished in 2012. Software version: VB4OB. Call for scan counts and photos. Still installed. Available... view more

September 20  

GE Discovery 8 Slice PET/CT For Sale

GE Discovery ST PET CT Scanner 2003 8 Slice PET CT, Octane Computer, Xeleris Workstation, NEW TUBE 2010, 4 Million mAs, 4,255,478 Gantry Rotation, 70cm Wide Bore, DICOM, 3D, Available... view more

September 20  

GE Discovery PET/CT PET/CT Wanted

Need to rent and/or buy a GE or Siemens PET/CT Mobile. Please send all available... view more

September 20