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October 25

Asking Price:
$2,835 USD

October 25

Asking Price:
$3,999 USD

October 25

Asking Price:
$4,499 USD

October 25

Asking Price:
$6,499 USD


SIUI CTS-800 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

SIUI CTS-800 (from 2020, excellent condition) Main unit with 7-inch LCD monitor, 1 probe connector. 1 Li-ion battery. 1 Adaptor, 1 car charger Belt and sun shield, 1 USB port (Mini), Carry case,... view more

October 23

Asking Price:
€1,900 EUR

Rene Breitenbach / KMT GmbH
phone: +49 004926194704 x21

PLUSMED D8Vet rectal probe for equine and bovine Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

the world first wireless ultrasound for bovine and equine. * offers high resolution image quality * 8 hours working period * easy to clean and storage * light weight 300kg only! * ... view more

October 22  

LANDWIND P09 Vet Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Palm-size Diagnostic Ultrasound System for Veterinary A truly portable ultrasound system with the image quality, durability and reliability required by today’s large animal veterinarians. * 7 inch... view more

October 22  

PLUSMED D8 Vet ultrasound scanner Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Wirelss color Doppler ultrasound scanner Technical Specifications Platform: Android, Windows, IOS Connection Type: WiFi &USB Supporting devices: Android tablet or smart phone, Windows PC,... view more

October 22  

PLUSMED C5Plus Vet Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

C5PlusVet is a portable veterinary color Doppler ultrasound with superior image performance and diverse applications. Based on the advanced imaging technology and ergonomic design, it is equipped... view more

October 22  

PLUSMED V8 vet ultrasound for Equine, obvine Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Specifications: Screen size:5.5inch, TFT color LCD Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B Scan Depth: 256 levels Cineloop: >400 frames Built-in Memory: 64 images Battery working time > 3 hours... view more

October 22

Asking Price:
$999 USD


ESAOTE My Lab 5 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Biosound/Esoate MyLab 5 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine. Unit Cleaned and Tested. Comes with a CA123 Probe.... view more

October 22  
David Welsh / West Coast X-ray
phone: +1 (530) 547-9729