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Laparoscopic Surgical Trocars: 5mm,10mm and 12mm Sizes Available $30 Each

Popular Selling, Budget Friendly Disposable Trocar. Excellent quality. Stopcock for gas flow control. Fits and seals Laparoscope for clear visual and safe approach into abdomen. Spiral & Annular cannula. Condition is New in box and sterile. Non-Expired

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N/A Ehticon 2-0 Braided Silk For Sale

2-0 Braided Silk, Nonabsorbable Surgical Suture, PSL, Permahand, 1in X 30in X 30mm,... view more

October 30  

ETHICON J906G Braided (Polyglactin 910) For Sale

Braided (Polyglactin 910), Synthetic Absorbable Suture, Coated Vicryl, 12in X 18in,... view more

October 30  

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Extensive inventory of new, quality surgical supplies to outfit your entire surgical suite. 1-800-499-5383

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N/A 4461A Dry Preoperative Skin Prep Tray With Powder-Free Premium Glove For Sale

Dry Preoperative Skin Prep Tray With Powder-Free Premium Glove, Cotton... view more

October 30  
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